luxury wet room designed for use by a disabled person

Designing a Disabled Wet Room

by Bathtime Mobility on April 19, 2018 No comments

A wet room is an ideal bathroom solution for a less mobile person, especially a Zimmer frame or wheelchair user, as it provides step free access and a large space to shower in. Step free access allows the user to enter and exit the showering space without encountering obstructions such as steps or lips. This

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easy access wetroom in garage conversion

From Garage To Wet Room In 19 Days

by Bathtime Mobility on February 28, 2017 No comments

We recently undertook a garage conversion for one of our clients who had an urgent need for a wet room conversion in the rear of theirĀ garage. This was previously carried out by a builder who did a respectable enough job, and it served a purpose for a while, but the design process was not carried

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