Walk In Shower Baths At Bathtime Mobility

As part of our commitment to providing our customers with the solutions they need to enjoy independence and freedom when bathing, we provide the UK’s biggest and best selection of walk in shower baths.

Enjoy A Soak Or A Shower With Walk In Shower Baths

The Bathtime Mobility collection of walk in shower baths includes a wide variety of shapes and styles. We’re sure you’ll find an option to suit your needs. Our range is such that it includes options for even the smallest bathrooms or even fit snugly into the corner.

When a walk in bath is combined with a shower you get the best of both worlds. If you wish to have a relaxing bath and let the aches and pains of the day ache away you can. Likewise, if you would like a quick, refreshing shower you have the option available to you. The choice is yours every time you bathe. They won’t take up any extra room compared with simple walk in baths, and are no more complicated to install than our other bathroom solutions.

For extra privacy and convenience all of our walk in baths featuring showers come equipped with a curved shower screen. This prevents any water from splashing over the floor to limit any surface water forming. For extra safety, each model comes with standard walk in bath features including an anti-slip floor and thermostatic controls. There are a number of other tap, shower head and hydrotherapy spa options available. This means you can tailor your bathroom solution to your exact requirements and get one that’s simply perfect.

Why Not Try One Of Our Walk In Shower Baths Before You Buy?

We have a unique Henley-on-Thames showroom where our customers can get to grips with some selected models of walk in shower baths. We’re proud to offer this service as it allows customers to see the features in person and try them out for themselves. One of our expert staff will be on hand to give you a demo and answer any of your questions and queries.

If you would like to make an appointment to visit us, please click on the enquiries button at the bottom of the page. To see more information about our walk in shower bath models, click on the images below for more product details.

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