Ambiance Tub-style Walk in Bath

by Malcolm Kinross on October 4, 2016 Comments Off on Ambiance Tub-style Walk in Bath

ambiance-tub-style-walk-in-bathWhen it comes to baths for the elderly or disabled, one of the most important things to consider is the process of getting in and getting out. If that’s your concern, look no further than the Ambiance for a step-in bathtub that has a low bath step, making it one of the most accessible in our range.

Product Description

As an accessible safety tub, the Ambiance has an exceptionally wide, outward-opening door with low bath step. This gives users the space they need when going into or coming out of the walk-in bathtub.

But once you get in, you’ll see that safety doesn’t stop at the door. The Ambiance comes fully equipped with hand grips, a slip-resistant base, contoured backrest, armrests and a seat, making it much more than just a walk-in bath with a door.

As you look at the walk-in bathtub prices, remember that the Ambiance comes in various configurations to suit almost any bathroom, including straight and corner configurations. And with a footprint of just 990 x 760 x 860/975mm (in the straight version), it’s also one of the smaller walk-in baths in our range too.

Additional Information

Dimensions:-  L: 990mm,  W: 760mm,  H: 860-975mm

Water Capacity:-  206 Litres


Malcolm KinrossAmbiance Tub-style Walk in Bath