Ezion – Height-Adjustable Bath With Leg-lift

by Malcolm Kinross on October 4, 2016 Comments Off on Ezion – Height-Adjustable Bath With Leg-lift

ezion-power-bathA height-adjustable bathing system with integrated seat and patented leg-lift facility for bathers requiring the highest levels of care assistance

Product Description

With advanced energy-saving technology, the Ezion combines the versatility of a hi-lo bath and powered seat traverse with a unique leg-lift system to offer the very highest level of care. Designed for high-traffic wet environments, this exceptionally capable and ultra-efficient bathing system allows both bather and carer to use the bath in complete comfort and safety.

The Ezion bath is fully height adjustable to ensure a safe, comfortable working height for carers and its stainless steel seat frame and easy-to-clean surfaces also reduce the risk of cross-infection.

Key Features

  • Fully-adjustable, hi-lo bath ensures a safe, comfortable working height for carers
  • The 1700mm full length bath boast extra-long internal bathing length and wide seating area ensures optimum comfort for bathers
  • The ultra-compact 1500mm bath is perfect for space restricted environment
  • Powered seat traverse with unique leg-lift facility effortlessly transfers the bather into and out of the bath, eliminating any need for manual handling
  • Innovative keyhole design reduces water usage and helps cut energy costs
  • Depth-level indicators allow carers to easily pre-fill the bath to a required depth, saving water and eliminating unnecessary additional top-ups
  • Extra-long internal bathing length and wide seating area ensures optimum comfort for bathers
  • Easy-to-clean transfer seat with stainless-steel frame and integrated pommel for enhanced bathing safety. The seat comes with adjustable lap strap safety belt for postural control and folding nursing arms which can be raised or lowered for added flexibility
  • TMV3 controls maintain a safe, comfortable pre-set water temperature, reducing any risk of scalding
  • Stylish, chrome shower system with easy-to-use roaming hand control
  • Lightweight, ergonomic handset with battery backup safety system in case of mains power failure
  • Impressive 160kg (25 stone) safe lifting weight accommodates the majority of bathers
  • Left- or right-hand configurations adapts to any bathroom layout

For bathers with more diverse needs, the Ezara comes with a host of options, including:

  • Autofill technology – labour-saving, temperature-controlled autofill system automatically fills the bath to a pre-set depth. Includes tamper-proof functionality to prevent misuse
  • Hydrotherapy air-spa system with 14 jets – delivers a gentle, therapeutic massage to bathers
  • Sound system – high quality Bluetooth® compatible audio system for added bathing ambience and stimulation
  • Chromotherapy system – multi-coloured LED lighting visually enhances the bathing experience
  • Footboard (1700 only) – Ergonomic, two-position footboard ensures bathing safety is maximised and comfort is never compromised
  • Versatile choices of lengths to suit every environment

Additional Information

Dimensions:-  Length: 1500/1700mm,  Width: 750mm,  Height: 685mm



Malcolm KinrossEzion – Height-Adjustable Bath With Leg-lift