The Luxor – Luxor walk in baths can provide you with comfort as you bathe

The Luxor

by Chris Brown on November 7, 2011 Comments Off on The Luxor

luxor-walk-in-bathBathtime Mobility is committed to providing easy access bathing solutions that not only allow users to get in and out with ease but also bathe in comfort. One such option is the amazing Luxor walk in bath.

What Sets The Luxor Walk In Bath Apart From Other Models?

The Luxor is packed with numerous features that make it one of our finest easy access baths. It is a full-length bath which allows users to be completely surrounded by warm water and enjoy an extremely comfortable bathing experience.

Enjoying a relaxing soak couldn’t be easier with the Luxor walk in bath. Simply open the watertight door and perch yourself on the belt banded seat. This will gently lower you into the bath once filled. It will raise you after you finish soaking too.

Filling the bath couldn’t be easier. Using cutting edge finger tip controls, you can control the flow of the temperature controlled water. This allows you to enjoy a long, hot soak with the minimum of fuss.

The seat is also operated by touching the second set of fingertip controls.

The Features Of All Standard Luxor Walk In Baths

In order to maximize comfort and access, the Luxor is equipped with the following:

  • Lie down bath.
  • Motorised seat.
  • Fingertip controls.
  • Thermostatic controls.
  • Twin wastes.


  • Length: 1660mm or 1500mm
  • Width: 740mm
  • Height: 550mm

A variety of colours are available in order to fit in with your existing, or new, decor choices.

Installation is quick and handled by our professional team. We can install a Luxor walk in bath in your property in just one day!

If you would like more information, or to try one for yourself, contact our team now on 0808 274 1708.





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