Sentes – Reclining Assisted Bathing System

by Malcolm Kinross on October 4, 2016 Comments Off on Sentes – Reclining Assisted Bathing System

sentes-power-bathUltra-efficient reclining bathing system, suitable for long-term care and acute care environments

Product Description

Designed to accommodate a diverse range of client needs, including clients with more challenging conditions, the Sentes bath offers care providers a versatile, ultra-efficient bathing solution.

The reclining bathing system and moulded seat help to improve postural control, enhancing bathing comfort and delivering the optimum blend of functionality and performance. The vertical-raising, side-entry door also ensures easy-access for bathers, making transfers safer and simpler for care staff.

With its quick-fill technology and low water usage, it reduces time between refills, allowing carers to focus on the needs of bathers. Therefore, the Sentes is also extremely economical to run, particularly in high-traffic bathing areas.

Key Features

  • Accommodates a variety of different client needs with sculpted seat for improved postural control and reclining action
  • Vertical-raising, side-entry door ensures easier access for bathers
  • Ultra-efficient design with rapid-fill technology ensures low water usage to help reduce energy costs
  • Sleek, elegant tub design complements any bathroom layout
  • Internal grab bar and head cushion ensure enhanced safety and comfort
  • Stylish, chrome shower system with easy-to-use hand control (optional)
  • TMV3 controls maintain a safe, comfortable water temperature, reducing any risk of scalding
  • Easy-to-use, one-touch tilt and recline operation
  • Battery backup safety system in case of mains power failure
  • WRAS compliant brassware
  • 205kg (32 stone) safe lifting weight accommodates the vast majority of bathers

For bathers with more diverse needs, the Sentes comes with a number of options and accessories, including:

  • Auto-fill technology – labour-saving, temperature-controlled auto-fill system automatically fills the bath to a pre-set depth.
  • Hydrotherapy air-spa system – delivers a gentle, therapeutic massage to bathers
  • Sound system – high quality, Bluetooth® compatible audio system for added bathing ambience and stimulation
  • Chromotherapy system – multi-coloured LED lighting visually enhances the bathing experience

Additional Information

Dimensions:-  Length: 1854mm (min) 2235mm (max),  Width: 865mm,  Height: 1295mm (min) 2440 (max)



Malcolm KinrossSentes – Reclining Assisted Bathing System