The Henley Power Bath

by Chris Brown on April 18, 2012 Comments Off on The Henley Power Bath

If you’re on the lookout for a reliable, high-powered bathing solution that can survive intensive use, then the Henley power-bath might be the perfect model for you! Traditional baths create uncomfortable environments for bathing – for both the user and a carer.

With the Henley power-bath, you can enjoy an improved, efficient experience for all participants, while avoiding the risks and discomforts the user might experience with a standard bath.

During the transfer process, carers often risk strain or injury, due to repeated bending and lifting. The Henley power bath has a Hi-Lo function, which means the bath can be raised or lowered for the ultimate ease of access. The Henley power-bath is essential for many bathers and also features a hoist-access panel for bathers with other mobility problems.

This model of power-bath also provides an incredibly versatile range of options, including an electronic height adjuster which can help the user to enter the bathtub itself, and can provide a comfortable working environment for a carer.

The Henley power-bath also supports a lifting weight of up to 25-stone, which means that it can be comfortably used for adults of almost any size.

The Features Of The Henley Power-Bath


  • Hi-Lo facility to allow easy entrance and prevent carer injury.
  • A generously deep bathtub to ensure complete user comfort.
  • Easily-accessible to hoists and transfer seats.
  • Designed for intensive use in hospitals and care homes.


  • Comes with a battery back-up supply as standard, in the event of power-outages.
  • Treated with reliable anti-slip finish for the utmost safety.
  • 25-stone lifting capacity – 158.8kg.
  • TMV3 water-temperature control.


  • L: 2000mm
  • W: 750mm
  • H: 685mm

The Henley power-bath can also come with an optional Air Spa feature, or a high-powered shower attachment.

For more information, please contact us directly on 0808 274 1708 or continue to browse our wide-range of bathing solutions. We are certain that you will be able to find the perfect bath or shower for your needs.

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