The Malvern Power Bath

by Chris Brown on April 18, 2012 Comments Off on The Malvern Power Bath

The Malvern Power Bath

One of the most innovative designs in recent years, the Malvern power-bath features the latest lifting and pivot technology. This design is able to lift a seated resident from outside of the bath over the edge of the bath and gently lower them into the water. This massively reduces the risk of injury or strain to either the carer or the user themselves.

The Malvern has been cleverly designed to make the entire bathing process as easy as possible for users of all abilities. This design comes with an optional detachable transfer chair, which can be used to easily transport the bather from their bed or chair to the bath without any difficulty.

Designed with intensive usage in mind, the Malvern power-bath ensures a reliable and relaxing bathing experience for all users and carers, whilst reducing the risk of strain on the caring team.

The Incredible Features Of The Malvern Power-Bath


  • The additional Hi-Lo facility is in place to protect carers from back pain and make the entrance and exit as easy as possible.
  • A generously deep bath tub means that the bather can really relax and unwind whilst bathing.
  • The powered seat can safely lift users, and gently lower them in to the water.
  • The powered traverse automatically rotates the seat around to the bath, meaning less work for both the user and the carer!


  • A battery back-up power supply is fitted as standard, in the event of a power-outage.
  • The bath has been treated with an anti-slip finish for the safest bathing environment available.
  • The model features an incredible TMV3 water-temperature control.


  • L: 2000mm
  • W: 750mm
  • H: 685mm

The Malvern power-bath is also available with a wide range of optional extras, including an Air Spa feature, Nursing Arms, a Detachable Transfer Chair, or a Child’s Seat. This design of bath could be the perfect addition to your bathing environment.

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