The Texas – The Texas is the deepest easy access bath at Bathtime Mobility

The Texas

by Chris Brown on November 7, 2011 Comments Off on The Texas

Our Texas walk-in bath is the deepest, offering twice the bathing depth of a conventional bath.

Extra depth
The extra depth of the Texas ensures you can enjoy a deep soak, whilst the contoured backrest and built-in seat allow you remain fully supported in the upright position.

The Texas is not only the deepest bath we offer but also features a generous U shaped door entry to allow easy entry and exit from the bath. The bath is available in either a left or right version to allow it to be installed in most situations and there is of course a choice of colours available so you wish to try and match the bath to existing sanitary ware or décor.

The generous size of the Texas assures a truly relaxing soak whilst bathing in comfort and security.

Shower canopy
The Texas is available with an optional shower canopy to allow it to not only be used as a bath, but a shower as well. The Texas is ideal where minimal or no assistance is required, and ensures complete discretion and privacy for the bather. There is an anti-slip finish to both the base of the bath and the seat for added safety, and the bath is supplied complete with a thermostatic valve for your complete comfort and security.

Key Features in detail…

  • Low level access walk-in bath, as low as 120mm
  • Inward opening watertight door for peace of mind
  • Thermostatically controlled to provide safe bathing
  • Ergonomically designed contoured seat inside
  • Available with booster cushion to aid bathing
  • Wide range of colours
  • Hydrotherapy option available
  • Anti-slip surface on floor
  • Low level access walk-in bath
  • Inward opening watertight door
  • Contoured seat
  • Available with booster seat
  • Anti-slip surface


  • Length 1365mm
  • Width 835mm
  • Height 990mm

Water Capacity;

  • 529 Litres


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