The Windsor 2 Power Bath

by Chris Brown on April 18, 2012 Comments Off on The Windsor 2 Power Bath

For those who suffer with mobility issues or impairments, bathing can often be a process which you end up dreading. Particularly if you require a wheelchair to move around, bathing can be a massively discomforting experience, from entering and exiting the bath, to sitting there and waiting for the bath to fill.

To lessen the worry of wheelchair users, and to ensure their continued independence, at Bathtime Mobility we are particularly proud to present the latest solution in the bathing battle for independence.

The Windsor 2-Power Bath

The Windsor 2-Power Bath design comes complete with a power-assisted seat, which has been attached externally so that you can easily transfer the bather, or yourself, from a wheelchair into the seat. Once you’ve transferred, the Windsor 2-Power Bath can take care of everything else at the touch of a button!

The conveniently positioned hand control can raise the seat to allow it to easily clear the bath’s rim, and lowers the bather gently into the water. This makes the Windsor 2-Power bath particularly good for anyone that would like to take the stress and hassle out of their bathing experience.

The sturdy seat can handle loads of up to 24 stone, and will lift you out of the bath just as easily as it helps you in. The Windsor is one of the deepest designs of bathtub available, and comes in two separate sizes.

The Features Of The Windsor 2-Power Bath


  • The powered seat gently raises and lowers the bather into the bathtub
  • The bath tub is generously deep – one of the deepest available today
  • Control buttons can be easily accessed at bather height
  • Available in two lengths, 1500mm or 1700mm


  • A back-up battery is supplied as standard
  • The entire bath is coated with high-quality anti-slip finishes
  • The seat has an incredible 24 stone lifting capacity
  • The water is fully thermostatically controlled


  • Length: 1500mm or 1700mm
  • Width: 750mm
  • Height: 640mm

There are a wide range of options available for the Windsor 2-Power bath, including; stylish side exterior panels, an air spa and whirlpool feature, stable nursing arms, a detachable transfer chair, a child seat, a lap belt and a completely WRAS-compliant shower.

The Windsor 2-Power bath is perfect for those who suffer from decreased mobility or are wheel-chair bound. Click the button below, or contact us directly on 0808 274 1708, for more information on this incredible power-bath design!

Chris BrownThe Windsor 2 Power Bath