The Aventis – The Aventis features a seat for comfort and access

The Aventis

by Chris Brown on November 7, 2011 Comments Off on The Aventis

aventis-walk-in-bathWhen it comes to selecting an accessible bath, safety is one of the key considerations. The Aventis walk in bath is one of the safest that we sell at Bathtime Mobility. In fact, it’s one of the safest models available in the UK today.

Bathe In Safety & Comfort With The Aventis Walk In Bath

What is it that makes the Aventis incredibly safe? The numerous features combined together make this model a formidable bastion of accessible bathing safety.

The Aventis comes pre-equipped with a powered lift seat for gentle lowering and lifting in and out of the bath. This is an essential feature when assistance is required when standing. The lift seat is tested for weights up to 20 stone (127kg) and comes with fold up arm rests for added support when standing or sitting.

An automatic battery backup is included so you can still operate the lift mechanism when the mains are cut. The Aventis also comes with a slip-resistant base, dual wastes for fast emptying and a low step-in height – combining to make it one of the safest baths around.

The inward-opening door offers spacious easy access. With a cutting edge ‘slam-shut’ locking mechanism, you go from open to watertight with a simple push. The Aventis is also available in left- or right-hand entry configurations.

Features Of The Aventis Walk In Bath

You’ll find all of the following as standard on the Aventis Walk In Bath:

  • Powered bath lift with fold up arm rests.
  • Slip-resistant floor.
  • Thermostatic TMV3 temperature control on both taps and shower heads.
  • Battery backup.
  • Low step-in.
  • Full length tub.
  • Inward opening door.

There is also the option for an air-jet system to be added to your bath as well. This will increase the already high levels of comfort that the Aventis provides when bathing.


  • Length: 1690 mm
  • Height: 550 mm
  • Width: 690 mm

Water Capacity:

  • 190 litres

A wide variety of colours is available and can seamlessly fit into any pre-existing decor or a brand new interior design. Our expert team can install your Aventis walk-in bath in just one day! Contact Bathtime Mobility today on 0808 274 1708  to learn more about our installation service. Contact details can be found here.



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