The Valens – Improved bathing thanks to the Valens bath tub

The Valens

by Chris Brown on November 7, 2011 Comments Off on The Valens

valens-walk-in-bathP shaped baths are ideal for those who wish to enjoy the option of both a relaxing bath and a refreshing shower. The Valens walk-in bath is one of the most luxurious in our entire range at Bathtime Mobility. It will give you years of hassle free usage in comfort so bathing becomes a pleasure again.

What Sets The Valens Walk-In Bath Apart From Our Other Models?

The Valens is one of our most accessible models. The shower area also doubles as the entry point for bathers with mobility needs. Not only does this mean it is wider, thanks to the p-shaped design, but lower too for added convenience.

There is no threat of leakage either. The door is held in place by electromagnets that switch on as soon as the water is turned on. They don’t release until the whole tub has been emptied so surface water is a thing of the past.

What’s more, the Valens walk-in bath is probably the most comfortable tub available at Bathtime Mobility. The option is available for the installation of a 12 jet hydrotherapy spa system which will help soothe the aches and pains of day to day living.

Thermostatic controls are also included with this bath. These ensure that the water, from both the taps and the shower heads, is kept at a steady temperature. Scalding is not a problem with the Valens walk-in bath. You and your loved ones will have complete peace of mind when bathing in this tub.

The Great Features Of The Valens Walk-in Bath

Take a look below at the amazing features of the Valens accessible bath to give you some idea on what makes it the ideal tub for regular and accessible bathing:

  • An 8mm thick shower door made of tempered glass, plus 6mm thick shower split screen.
  • Internal handle to lock and unlock the shower door.
  • A choice of left- or right-hand shower areas.
  • An optional 12-jet spa system.
  • A choice of taps and shower heads.
  • Battery backup for the door locking mechanism.


  • Length: 1700mm
  • Width: 750mm (943 at the widest point)
  • Height: 583mm (1560mm at highest point of the shower screen)

Water Capacity:

  • 288 litres

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