Bathing made simple with easy access baths

Accessible Baths

At Bathtime Mobility, we understand that many of our potential customers feel frustrated and uncomfortable when it comes to time to bathe. Because of this, we’ve put together a massive range of products and amassed many years experience in supplying accessible bathing solutions to make bath time enjoyable again. For the ultimate bathing experience many of the models we sell can be upgraded to include either a whirlpool or air spa. The perfect way to aid relaxation, and help soothe aches and pains.

Walk in baths

If climbing into your bath is becoming a problem, our walk-in baths are the perfect solution, and come in a wide variety of configurations.

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Ideal for…

  • Easy access
  • Comfortable bathing
  • Full body immersion

We provide a free home assessment to help find the right walk-in bath for you.

Power baths

Our range of Power Baths are designed and built to effortlessly lift you in and out of the bath without the need for any assistance.

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Ideal for…

  • All ranges of mobility
  • Stress free entry
  • Effortless exit
  • Reliability

Visit our showroom to see how a power bath can assist you.

Bath Lifts

A very cost-effective solution if you find that lowering and raising yourself in and out of the bath is becoming a problem.  Will fit any standard bath.

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Ideal for…

  • Upgrading an existing bath
  • Easy entrance
  • Effortless exit

Speak to us to find out how easy it is to install a bath lift.

Bath Accessories

We provide a wide range of mobility accessories for baths, including handrails, bath seats, steps, and hoists.

Ideal for…

  • A safe bathing experience
  • Improving usability
  • Replacing broken parts
  • Changing use

Whatever you need we’ll find it for you.

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