Specialised Disability Bathroom Design Installation Services

We’re not content with just offering the best deals, products and advice for designing the safest disability bathrooms. Bathtime Mobility is proud to offer a comprehensive disability bathroom design and installation service, tailored to your exact requirements.

Our team of highly qualified installers has been with us since day one. We’ve fitted hundreds of facilities across the UK for many satisfied customers and we can do the same for you.

What Can You Expect From Our Disability Bathroom Design & Installation Service?

You’ll notice that our service is a little different to our competitors’, which makes chatting to one of our team a refreshing change. Our customers have praised us for truly understanding their needs and ability to answer any questions in a highly informative way.

If you’ve got any questions on VAT exemptions, after the best mobility bathing products and appliances, or anything related to making your bathing space the best it can be, please get in touch. We offer a totally free survey and initial assessment visit which helps both parties enjoy a hassle-free installation process.

This is one aspect of our disability bathroom design plus installation service that has got a lot of praise over the years. The survey and assessment covers everything that needs to be discussed. We’ll advise you on things like tiling, plumbing, electrical and minor building work. A team member will also assess whether your bathroom will need features installed such as pumps for increased water flow pressure or to assist water draining.

From there, we’ll draw up your design and installation plan. We’ll also make sure we’ve priced the project to the penny so there are no irregularities or hidden charges; only complete peace of mind from start to finish.

Your goods will be put on order as soon as possible. Once they’ve arrived, a team member will get in touch. Now we can work out a start time and a date of commencement and get cracking on installing your new bathroom.

What About Our Installation Process?

Our trained installers will arrive on time and then run through all the points agreed on during the installation survey. If you’ve decided you require some additions to the plan, or any amendments, they can be agreed on at this time or be fitted at a later date after initial completion.

Our process can be fitted around your access to current bathroom and toilet facilities in most cases. The waste and scrap created during work will be taken away by Bathtime Mobility and disposed of properly for your convenience.

We never sub-contract any of our services. Many sub-contractors decide this is the perfect time to nip off and leave the work unfinished. Not our team. We’ll stay on site and make sure we finish the installation in one go. Bathtime Mobility also allow you to retain 50% of the project’s cost throughout its duration. You pay the rest when we’re done! Simple.

Get In Touch Now To Talk To Our Advisors

We  guarantee the workmanship of the installation for one year, not withstanding manufacturer’s warranties that may be for a longer period of time. Some manufacturers may provide an ongoing service and / or maintenance agreement available under separate cover.

We’re a 100% independent firm. This means we can offer you tailored disability bathroom design and fittings plus completely impartial advice on any of our products or services. Click on the link below to make an enquiry, get in touch through our contact page for more info or call our friendly experts on 03300 882 237.

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