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Accessible and Disabled Showers

Accessible showers offer the utmost in practicality and comfort when designed properly. Today’s accessible showers have come a long way from the cramped, ugly and potentially dangerous variants of the past.

We’ve got everything you need to create your perfect walk in shower at Bathtime Mobility. You can choose from over 100 different combinations to create your ideal disabled shower. We also have a collection of shower trays designed specifically for those in wheelchairs and speciality enclosures to match.

Step-in Showers

Step-in shower trays require that you have enough mobility to be able to make the small step over the lowered lip, which is usually about three inches above the floor, but are ideal for installing on top of your existing floor.

step in shower trays

Ideal for…

  • Installation on existing floor
  • More able users
  • Low-cost installations

Take advantage of our free home assessment to find the right shower for you.

Low-level Showers

Our low-level shower trays remove the need for you to step into your shower cubicle. They are ideal for ambulant users who are able to navigate small steps and are also available with small ramps for wheelchair users.

low level shower trays

Ideal for…

  • Less able people
  • Ambulant users
  • Wheelchair users

A large range of accessible shower options are available to view at our showroom.

Level-access Showers

Sitting completely flush with the floor, our level-access shower trays are the most common accessible showering solution, and are perfect for wheelchair users.

level access shower trays

Ideal for…

  • Disabled people
  • Wheelchair users

Call us to find out about our stress-free shower design and installation process.

Shower Accessories

We also carry a wide range of shower accessories, including fold-up seats, handrails, and ramps, to add the finishing touches to your new easy access shower.

level access shower trays

Ideal for…

  • Disabled people
  • Wheelchair users

Whatever accessory you need for your shower, we’ll find it for you.

Shower Trays

If all you require is a new shower tray, we have a comprehensive range available for direct shipping.

We also supply shower trays to the trade, so if you are having a bathroom built by local builders, you can select the tray you want from our range, and give the details to your builder or plumber.

shower trays

Ideal for…

  • DIY Installation
  • 3rd Party Installation

Speak to us to discuss your requirements.

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