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The Best Easy Access Bathrooms

Whilst traditional bathrooms offer specific enclosures and facilities which are often unsuitable for people with mobility needs, disabled wet rooms are the ideal solution for all kinds of bathroom users.

These bathroom designs offer the same style as traditional bathrooms, but are far more practical for all users and are often easier to maintain as well.

Why Choose A Disabled Wet Room?

  • A correctly installed wet room, which has been completely and efficiently treated with both water-proofing and anti-slip flooring, will last much longer than a conventional bathing area.
  • Wet rooms are particularly popular, thanks to their low maintenance requirements and their simple and easy cleaning processes.
  • Wet rooms, thanks to their open plan design, offer total ease of access which can be essential for wheel-chair users.
  • They can transform a tired, old bathroom space into a stylish and contemporary space.
  • Wet rooms have been proven to increase the value of the properties in which they are placed, so if you ever come to sell on, you’ll be glad of the wet room installation!
  • The design philosophy needn’t overtake your entire bathroom, if you don’t want it to. Instead, you could simply design a wet room inspired space around your shower enclosure.

Easy-Access Bathrooms, With Bathtime Mobility


Here at Bathtime Mobility, we can create completely unique easy-access bathrooms and wet rooms which will perfectly meet the requirements of the mobility-conscious user.

We can easily cater for users with a wide range of mobility’s, including wheelchair users and those who require power-assisted bathroom components.

Because of the nature of their design, disabled wet rooms will require an extremely gentle slope, which allows waste water to quickly and easily drain from the room and not leave any puddles which might cause slips or falls. Typically, the walls and floors of wet rooms are made using non-slip surfaces to increase the safety of the room as a whole.

Screens are available for installation as a means of creating a dedicated showering enclosure, and half-height doors, disability access screens and full glass enclosures are available as well.

Safety is the most important component in a disabled wet room, and so all of our wet room designs are wheel chair accessible and well-suited for those who are unsteady on their feet or have extremely low ground clearance.

Shower seats, pull-down shower heads and other features are also easily installed on request.

Bathtime Mobility, For Your Mobility Conscious Bathing Needs

Easy-access bathrooms are ideal for a number of reasons. What’s more, everyone can enjoy a wet room thanks to their stylish design, ease of use and simple maintenance. For more information on the advantages of modern, accessible wet rooms over a traditional bathroom model, get in touch with our friendly team today on 03300 882 237.

You can also get in touch through our easy-to-use online contact form, and we’ll be sure to get back to you at a time that is convenient for you!

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