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What Are The Most Popular Bathroom Paint Colours In 2023?

by Bathtime Mobility on April 26, 2023 No comments

The bank holidays are looming, which means many homeowners will be itching to do some home decorating and spring cleaning with their extra day off. If painting your washroom is one of the jobs on your ‘to do list’, here are the most popular paint colours to update your disabled bathroom design this year. 


  • Emerald green 

Although emerald green is a very bold colour, it is also calming. Dulux also believes it adds an element of luxury to the home, which is ideal in a bathroom where you should feel pampered. 

“Accents of jade and turquoise lend an aquatic feel that blurs the lines between land and sea, striking the balance when it comes to connecting with nature in your home,” it states. Many homeowners want to get back to nature in their bathrooms, particularly when soaking in a bath, which makes green a perfect choice. 


  • Indigo blue

Dark blue has been a popular shade in bathrooms for some years now, but indigo is the colour for 2023. 

Good House Keeping recognises it is a “brilliant match for white subway and penny tiles”, giving the washroom a clean but homely look, without being clinical. 


  • Black 

Although black might feel quite dark and oppressive, painting your bathroom walls in the shade lends itself to the popular monochrome trend this year. It contrasts perfectly with a white suite, and creates both a “contemporary or bohemian vibe” in the washroom. 

Add some oversized plants to add some life and character to the space.

Bathtime MobilityWhat Are The Most Popular Bathroom Paint Colours In 2023?