Disability Toilets, Toilet Lifts, and Bidet Systems

There are some tasks, such as using the bathroom, which can make people with disabilities or mobility needs feel as if they’re totally dependent on somebody else to help out with their private functions. Here at Bathtime Mobility, we are dedicated to helping users of a wide range of ages and mobility requirements to maintain or regain their independence, thanks to the range of disability toilets and accessories that we can provide.

What Are Disability Toilets?

As you might be able to guess, toilets for disabled users are designed to offer a much easier usage, with a focus on making the bathroom easier for access. These can include anything from toilet lifts to specially crafted toilet seats.

These seats can be extremely helpful, particularly when it comes to personal freedom and independence. Unfortunately, this can’t be said for all toilet seats, but thanks to our focus and experience with the varying requirements of disabled users, we ensure that we only offer the very best designs and styles.

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What Are Toilet Lifts?

One of the most popular products that we have available for disabled users is our toilet lift. It is ideal for those users who cannot lower themselves to the toilet seat, or get up from it without help. A toilet seat lift could be the ideal solution for you if you suffer from mobility issues.

Standard automatic toilet seat lifters comes with a handheld or foot-based remote control pad. If you need more extensive assistance, then you should consider a toilet lift with supporting arms and integrated controls.

The system includes some brilliant advantages including:

  • Automatic toilet seat lifter
  • Toilet raising system and lowering system
  • Toilet lift capacity 25 stone (160kg)
  • Standard hand or floor controls
  • Optional supporting arms controls
  • Battery indicator warning light
  • Easy to install
  • Mimics sitting and standing motion
  • Supporting feet with anti slip pads for stability

What About Bidet Systems?

If you suffer from upper body mobility issues, then a bidet system might be the very best solution for your needs. One of our most popular models is the Supreme Bio Bidet BB1000, which features a single pocket and a 3-nozzle system. The BB 1000 provides a warm, aerated stream, along with an easy to use control pad to dynamically control water temperature, pressure and to cycle through its various cycling massage settings.

BB1000 Bio Bidet

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