6 Of The Worst Bathroom Habits That You Need To Stop Doing Right Now!

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If anywhere in your home should be a private place, it’s the bathroom. It’s a space where you can do what you want, essentially, and if you live alone there isn’t anything wrong with that because you’re the only one who will need to deal with the aftermath. However, there are some habits which aren’t just bad for you, there are many which can have a negative impact on anyone else in your household.


If you’re looking to clean up your act in your disabled bathroom in London, then you need to make sure that you aren’t guilty of any of these bad bathroom habits! If you are, it might really be time for a change!


6 Bad Bathroom Habits That You Need To Cut Out Today!


  1. Leaving The Tap Running Whilst Brushing Your Teeth – It may not have that much of an impact on any roommates, but leaving the tap running whilst brushing your teeth can waste a lot of water. Imagine just how much water you waste every week, month or year.

    Turning the tap off while you brush is much more eco-friendly than simply letting water run straight into the plug hole. It only takes a second to turn the tap on and off again, but it could really save you money and help the environment too!


  1. Keep The Toilet Lid Open For Flushing – This is an extremely common occurrence, but it is also one of the most dangerous bad habits in the bathroom. Leaving the lid open when you flush can disperse molecules of waste around your bathroom and turn it into an extremely unhygienic space. Studies in the past have discovered that flushing with the lid open can cause water particles to spread around the room by as much as six feet. This means that even a single flush can send nasty bacteria all over the room and create a potentially dangerous area.


  1. Not Washing Your Hands – Of course, we’ve all seen someone neglect to wash their hands in public toilets, but it’s more common for those who do wash their hands to neglect to do so properly. Washing your hands effectively isn’t just a matter of splashing them under cold water, but is mainly reliant on the application of soap and ensuring that you lather well.


  1. Hanging Wet Towels – Wet towels can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Hanging your towels on hooks can be particularly bad practice, and any remaining moisture or soap can get trapped between the folds and creases in the towel. In these situations, these towels can become the breeding ground for bacteria and mildew to grow. The best way to dry your towels out is to spread them across a towel rail or radiator.

    Ensuring that your disabled bathroom in London remains as free from bacteria as possible is essential to maintain your health.


  1. Spending Too Long In The Bathroom – If you share your bathroom, then you know how annoying it can be to have to wait for access to the toilet, bath or shower. Of course, it can be just as irritating to feel rushed when you’re trying to enjoy your bath. For the best results, try to consider your housemates’ needs. Try to spend as little time as possible when there might be a rush for the bathroom, but later in the evening fell free to enjoy a relaxing soak.


  1. Leaving Make-Up In The Bathroom – A naturally-lit bathroom is probably one of the best places to apply your make-up, but storing it in this environment can be hugely damaging. The changing heats, humidity and lights can damage the consistency of your make-up and often lead them to turn into potential breeding grounds for all kinds of bacteria.


Stop Bad Bathroom Habits To Make The Most Of Your Disabled Bathroom In London!


It is important that you stop these bad bathroom habits, which can end up costing you money, impacting on your health and irritating your housemates. When it comes to your disability bathroom in London, you need to make sure that you are following the best bathroom practices to ensure that you are truly making the most of your space.


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Bathtime Mobility6 Of The Worst Bathroom Habits That You Need To Stop Doing Right Now!