AKW Products

Here at Bathtime Mobility, we have a great reputation for only installing top quality products in our clients’ bathrooms. This commitment to the highest standards is something we take very seriously and is now being further enhanced by our inclusion of the AKW range of accessible bathing products.

Make showering a pleasure

The Cool Touch, iCare, iTherm and iSure shower systems represent the very latest in shower solutions that fulfil specific clients needs. Whether you want the reassurance that the temperature will be digitally displayed for helpers to see or the the benefits of a riser rail that functions as a weight supporting handle, or the ease of turning on a shower without getting wet (or even leaving your bed!) we have an option to suit you.

We have some beautiful new shower screens that combine light weight with the strength of toughened glass for added safety while you shower. In addition there are a number of accessories such as in-shower seating to enhance your showering experience.

Finally the great visual design of AKW’s solutions mean that whatever you personal needs, you can still demand a bathroom that looks beautiful and is a pleasure for the whole family to use.

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