The Bath Lift – An Easy Alternative To Refurbishment?

by Bathtime Mobility on September 2, 2015 Comments Off on The Bath Lift – An Easy Alternative To Refurbishment?

If your mobility is really starting to affect your bath time, or you have an elderly relative who’s just moved in with you, then you’ll no doubt be considering a complete bathroom refurbishment to make your home more mobility-friendly.

Before you commit yourself to a full refurbishment, which can often require a great deal of time, money and effort, it might be more prudent to consider the suitability of a bath lift installation.

What Is A Bath Lift?

Bath lifts are a cost-effective way to improve the accessibility of your bathtub. If you need a little help to lower yourself into the bath, or to raise yourself back out of the water, then these are the ideal solutions for you. These bathroom accessories give the user the ability to maintain their independence, without having to ask for help from a carer or family member.

Depending on the severity of the mobility issues in question, these features can bypass the requirement for a walk-in bath, power-assisted bathtub or a sit-in shower solution, and can be a much easier, cheaper and quicker solution for mobility issues. This is particularly true if you are only suffering temporary mobility issues, as the bath lift can easily be removed once it is no longer needed.

The Bath Lifts On Offer At Bathtime Mobility

As the UK’s leading provider of disabled bathing solutions, here at Bathtime Mobility we offer three different styles of bath lift to help you enjoy the bathing solution that is perfect for you.

The Relaxa

This model of bath lift features a battery-powered lifting belt which gently lowers you in and out of the bath. With a modern and inconspicuous design, the Relaxa features a retractable seating belt which means it is ideal for everyday use in a busy household. The rechargeable battery itself lasts for as many as 20 lifts, to ensure greater independence.

Molly Bather

This design offers sturdy, in-built grab rails, an easily rechargeable battery and a stool which you can rest on. The specially cushioned lifting belt itself lowers you into the bath, but it raises high enough to allow you to dry off once you’ve finished bathing whilst remaining seated.


Lightweight and developed with the help of experienced nurses, the Bellavita gives an amazingly comfortable recline and can lift up to 22st. The design also features a broad seat and back rest to ensure added balance and stability. Available in a range of colours and with machine washable covers, this is the most customisable bath lift and suitable for a wide range of users.

High-Quality Bath Lifts, From Bathtime Mobility

Here at Bathtime Mobility, we offer a diverse range of bath lifts to ensure that mobility-conscious users can enjoy the same level of bathing comfort that unimpaired people do. There are few things more important to wellbeing than a relaxing bath time, and with bath lifts you and your relatives can enjoy the ideal bathing solution for their needs.

For more information, feel free to get in touch with our team on 0800 29 22 110.

Bathtime MobilityThe Bath Lift – An Easy Alternative To Refurbishment?