Bathtime Mobility Teams Up With Abbeyfield Care Group

by Bathtime Mobility on September 14, 2012 Comments Off on Bathtime Mobility Teams Up With Abbeyfield Care Group

Recently, Bathtime Mobility worked with the Abbeyfield Care Group to design a custom project for their residents. The project entailed converting two bathrooms into disabled-access showers and creating two assisted bathing baths with lifting sits. The Abbeyfield Care Group is now proud to be able to offer their residents a safer and more comfortable bathing experience thanks to Bathtime Mobility’s contribution.

Bathtime Mobility was happy to carry out work for Abbeyfield Care Group, who shares similar goals and values as they do.. At Abbeyfield, they strive to offer their residents services and accommodation so to live well in later life, and encourage independence, choice, and dignity.

Bathtime Mobility was proud to have contributed to helping the Care Group and their residents, and was happy with their performance review. The Care Group granted Bathtime Mobility a 10 out of 10 on a customer satisfaction report and quoted, ““The work was carried out in a workmanlike manner to our complete satisfaction, on time and on budget.”, Bathtime Mobility prides themselves on a job well done and values or requirements the same whether big or small. Bathtime Mobility listens to every customer’s needs thoroughly to ensure that each project is done with just as much attention as the Abbeyfield Care Group’s custom bathroom project.

Bathtime Mobility understands the importance of retaining your independence as you become less mobile, they ensure that all your needs are met in a comfortable and secure environment. Bathtime Mobility offers a variety of accessible bathing products and equipments and performs installation throughout the UK. No matter what your personal needs are, contact Bathtime Mobility, and be assured you will receive the utmost in customer service support and expert advice. For more information on the equipment we offer, such as bath lifts, wet rooms, walk in bath and showers, and more, please contact us today at 0800 29 22 110.

Bathtime MobilityBathtime Mobility Teams Up With Abbeyfield Care Group