A Buyer’s Guide To Slide And Walk-In Baths

by Bathtime Mobility on November 16, 2015 Comments Off on A Buyer’s Guide To Slide And Walk-In Baths

Unfortunately, traditional bathtubs are only really suitable for those whom have absolutely no trouble with their mobility, balance or flexibility. This means that it can be extremely difficult, or even impossible, for someone who does suffer from mobility issues to easily enter or exit their bath.

Two of the main options available are walk-in and slide-in baths, both of which operate in practically the same way and both feature a range of advantages and disadvantages which make them suitable for different environments and user requirements.

What Is A Walk-In Bath?

A walk-in bath is a specially designed bathtub which has a small door built into the frame to allow much easier access and to avoid the dangerous activity of entering and exiting the bathtub itself. They are extremely useful to those who suffer from drastically reduced mobility and balance, and require very limited ground clearance on the part of the bather.

With a walk-in bath, you will quickly and comfortably be able to enter the bath and take a seat on a comfortable and typically contoured seat.

What Is A Slide-In Bath?

These designs are extremely similar to other door-entry baths, but when the door itself opens it reveals the seat itself. This is extremely useful for those who are wheelchair bound, or have practically no ground clearance, as they can sit down and just slide along the seat until they are within the bath.

Who Can Use Walk Or Slide-In Baths?

Whilst it is commonly believed that these forms of bathing equipment are solely for those with physical impairments, they are usable by people of all shapes and sizes. People who can walk without difficulty, anyone with a weakness is either, or both, legs or those who require a walker, wheelchair, scooter or a mechanical lift can all utilise these kinds of baths.

Some of the more extreme cases might require support to safely enter and lower onto the seat, but these designs are much safer and more comfortable than traditional baths, as well as being much easier to enter and exit.

How Do You Enter An Accessible Bath?

The sheer versatility of these accessible designs means that there are multiple ways to enter these baths, with or without support from a carer or a family member. A user has the opportunity to step into the bathtub through the open door, comfortably take a seat and wait for the bath to fill up via the thermostatically controlled taps to ensure an immediately comfortable water temperature.

Slide-in models allow the user to lower themselves to the seat, simply turn around and start to fill their baths up in comfort. Lastly, and in extreme situations, you can employ a mechanical lifting device which can be used in conjunction with many types of these baths, to easily help a more physically dependent person enter the bath with no, or limited, help from their carer.

Models are also available which feature inward and outwards swinging doors, with some being more suitable for some physical capabilities. By far, the standards are doors which open inwards, to ensure that the door cannot be opened when the bath is full.

Complete Accessible And Supportive Bathing Solutions From Bathtime Mobility

Here at Bathtime Mobility, we offer a diverse range of walk-in baths and other bathroom accessories and features to ensure that you can enjoy your bathing in as independent a manner as possible. Primarily, when it comes to bathing, you need to make sure that your bathroom has been fully customised to make the entire process as quick and easy as possible for your requirements.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team on 0800 29 22 110. Alternatively, you can arrange to come and view our showroom located in Henley-on-Thames, and enjoy some real, hands-on time with our diverse range.

Bathtime MobilityA Buyer’s Guide To Slide And Walk-In Baths