Create A Comfortable, Spa-Like Design With Accessible Baths And Showers

by Bathtime Mobility on June 9, 2015 Comments Off on Create A Comfortable, Spa-Like Design With Accessible Baths And Showers

Just because you suffer from a physical disability, or impaired mobility, doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice a comfortable bathroom atmosphere that you enjoy being in. By including stylish basins and bathroom features, including accessible baths and showers, you can create an environment with all the comforts of a luxurious spa, without sacrificing functionality.

Create A Luxurious Bathroom, With Easily-Accessible Baths And Showers

There are dozens of designs of accessible baths and showers which have been designed to offer the very best style, along with incredible practicality. In fact, more thought has gone into the style of mobility-conscious designs, as they have had to combat the stereotype of being unstylish features, designed with practicality in mind and nothing else.

Comfortable And Stylish Walk-In Baths

If you struggle with lifting your legs above the rim of the bath, or you are worried about losing your balance whilst in the act of entering or exiting your bath, then a walk-in bath or a bath with a door could be the perfect solution for you. By simply entering via an easily accessible door, you can control the temperature of your water from within the bath itself. Many designs come with the optional extra of an air spa, or a whirlpool feature, to give you that perfect spa experience.

You will be able to find many walk-in designs with contoured or adjustable seat included in the design, to offer you the most comfortable experience available.

Walk-In Showers

Walk-In showers, especially showers which have a wall-mounted seat installed, can provide ultimate comfort. If you have difficulty lifting your leg over the rim of your shower, or if you are wheelchair-bound, then walk-in showers are the perfect solution.

These showers sit flush with the floor, allowing easy entry and exit, and finding the perfect seat can offer you incredible comfort whilst showering.

Combining Functionality And Style

The trend in current bathroom design is towards the practical; it isn’t just the practical anymore. Under-floor heating is also a big part of contemporary design, or mats in striking colours to compliment your bathroom design. The perfect mat can also act as a mobility aid, to stop you slipping on the tiles or wooden panelling of your bathroom floor.

In fact, installing a heat mat outside your walk-in shower can provide a continuously warm space to further increase the luxuriousness of your environment. With accessible baths and showers, you can enjoy a stylish and practical design to rival any spa-experience.

Bathtime Mobility

If you’re looking for easily-accessible baths and showers, then Bathtime Mobility is the perfect choice for you. We offer walk-in baths, bath lifts and wheel-in showers so you can enjoy a relaxing and stylish bathroom design for your needs.

For more information, contact us directly on 0800 29 22 110, or arrange a visit to our fantastic showroom in Henley-on-Thames. If that’s a little out of your way, then why not ask us about our mobile showroom?

Bathtime MobilityCreate A Comfortable, Spa-Like Design With Accessible Baths And Showers