Disabled Shower Trays VS Complete Wetrooms!

by Bathtime Mobility on September 8, 2015 Comments Off on Disabled Shower Trays VS Complete Wetrooms!

Creating the perfect bathroom is something that every homeowner would like to do, but also something which very few of us can actually manage. The bathroom of your dreams can be even more difficult to create when you are disabled or suffer from mobility issues. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to completely give up hope on creating the perfect bathroom design, one which manages to combine style with practicality.

Wet rooms are becoming increasingly popular amongst a wide range of people, not just the mobility conscious. Disabled shower trays are also becoming popular, as they are often easier to clean and more comfortable than raised alternatives.

The Wet Room Versus The Disabled Shower Tray

Wet Rooms

Typically, the shower is a self-enclosed unit which protects the rest of the room from the water used. With wet rooms, however, the entire room itself can be considered as the shower enclosure, which can be extremely useful for those with limited mobility.

Wet rooms have the potential to look fantastic, but one of the major downsides is that the room can often retain moisture, which can make it unpleasant for any other users to enter the area after you. A common complaint is that other users have to suffer wet feet if someone has just had a shower. However, if the wet room is fitted perfectly, with effective water drains or pumps in place, then this can avoid the major disadvantage of the design.

Disabled Shower Trays

Disabled shower trays are ideal for those with limited mobility, as they sit flush with the floor, thereby allowing wheelchair users or those with limited ground clearance the opportunity to enter and exit the bath with no difficulty. They allow you to keep the water contained in one area and negates to needs for complete bathroom redesign.

However, like any other shower, if you have a very small bathroom then it can take up a great deal of space and drastically reduce the accessibility of the rest of your bathroom.

Disabled Shower Trays, From Bathtime Mobility

Here at Bathtime Mobility, we tend to recommend wet rooms only when the room itself is too small to effectively accommodate a comfortable size of shower, with an attached disabled shower tray. If you suffer from Arthritis, or any other illness or disability which limits your mobility, then you will know how difficult it can be to enjoy a comfortable showering environment.

We believe that everyone deserves to enjoy their bath or shower, and deserves to remain independent. For more information on the wide range of disabled shower trays and other disabled showering solutions that we offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today on 0800 29 22 110. Alternatively, you can contact us through our easy-to-use online contact form.

Bathtime MobilityDisabled Shower Trays VS Complete Wetrooms!