What To Expect From Walk In Baths

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Many people can no longer have baths because getting in and out puts a lot of strain on their joints and it is easier for them to have a shower. This means that they miss out on the luxurious, relaxing nature of a bubble bath.

Walk in baths enable you to enjoy a lovely long soak without putting extra pressure and wear on your as you can just walk straight into the bath without having to climb over the sides.

The Characteristics Of Walk In Baths

There are many characteristics of walk in baths that provide you with a great bathing experience.

The first feature is the thermostatic mixer tap. This tap keeps the water at a pleasant temperature as it enters the bath. This means that you do not get the sudden shock of hot or cold water as the bath is running in.

Another feature of walk in baths is grab rails. These rails are located round the bath to help you enter and exit the bath and sit down easily, without the risk of slipping.

Some traditional bathtubs can have very slippery floors which can increase the danger of slipping in the bath and injuring yourself. A walk in bath will come with a slip resistant floor so there is no risk of slipping making them perfectly safe to use.

Quick drainage is another important feature. This is important because you have to wait until the bath is completely empty before you can open the door and step out. If the bath takes a while to drain then you can become cold as you cannot immediately leave the bath and wrap yourself in a warm fluffy towel.  So that you don’t get cold, walk in baths has quick drainage to drain the bath of water rapidly so you can get to your warm towel.

Walk in baths fill quickly as well as drain swiftly so that you are not getting cold, sitting, waiting for the bath to fill up. You also don’t want to be sitting for ages waiting for the bath to fill as you might just want a quick bath. Walk in baths give you the convenience of having the bath fill up quickly.

You do not have to worry about the walk in bath leaking water through the door and making your floor wet because the door is a seal tight door to prevent any water leaking out when the tub is full.

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