by Bathtime Mobility on August 23, 2013 Comments Off on ANOTHER HAPPY CUSTOMER FOR ABSOLUTE MOBILITY

Mrs Simmonds 004_emailAnn from Buckinghamshire is the latest in a long line of domestic customers to have experienced the benefits of a walk-in bath from Absolute Mobility, a specialist supplier of accessible bathing equipment for individuals, hospitals, care assisted living and nursing homes across the UK.

With over ten years’ experience of supplying walk in baths, walk in showers and wetrooms, bath lifts and disabled toilets, the team at Absolute Mobility provides nothing less than excellent service when it comes to advising customers of the best accessible bathing solutions. Customers’ current and future needs are at the forefront of all assessments and product recommendations the company makes.

Ann said: “I found myself increasingly unable to get out of my previous bath and decided the time had come to consider a walk-in bath. A friend of mine found Absolute Mobility through the internet and when I spoke to them, they were extremely helpful and professional. Darren and the team knew exactly what they were talking about and it did not take very long for me to choose them over others for their high levels of service, expertise and attention to detail.”

The bath in question is the company’s Luxor Full Length Walk-in Bath. Featuring inward opening doors at the touch of a button, a motorised seat belt (which gently and evenly lowers right down to the bottom of the bath without tipping you over) and unique water controls which are conveniently placed for easy reach and use, the Luxor is the luxury walk in bath that is as good as its name suggests. Additionally, a 16-jet spa system and a separate shower system can also be added to the bath for ultimate comfort and decadence.

There is often a stigma associated with installing accessible bathing equipment, but those who have taken the decision to have it fitted have never looked back. Ann commented: “Of course, as you get older, the worry is always there about relying on others to look after you, or being unable to remain independent where you are. The walk-in bath from Absolute Mobility has been hugely beneficial as it has allowed me to remain independent whilst staying in my own home; I have already highly recommended the company to family members and friends who have enquired about it, or who require accessible bathing equipment!”

This ethos is firmly engrained within everything Absolute Mobility does. Darren O’Connell, a Director at the company, said: “We believe everyone should be able to retain their independence and freedom wherever they are. Here at Absolute Mobility, it is of utmost importance to us that our customers have their dignity preserved, and so we strive to work with them to produce bathrooms to exact requirements; this is also part and parcel of our personalised service.”

Ann added: “I am really pleased with the excellent job the team at Absolute Mobility have done with my bath. I am a keen walker and after I return home from my walks, all I want to do is have a nice long soak in the bath. Being unable to get out of my previous bath made this more and more difficult as time went on, and therefore, installing a walk-in bath was one of the best decisions I made. It is definitely worth going with a specialist company like Absolute Mobility for niche products like these.”

Darren said: “We are delighted that Ann is pleased with her Luxor walk-in bath. As part of the package, we are providing her with a comprehensive after sales service and support, along with advice, should she have any questions or queries, now or in the future.”

For more information, or to see what Absolute Mobility can do for you or a loved one, please contact us today.