Why Do I Need A Walk-In Shower?

by Bathtime Mobility on October 7, 2015 Comments Off on Why Do I Need A Walk-In Shower?

Where a lot of people go wrong, is that they assume that bathroom features, like walk-in showers and baths, are solely for the elderly or disabled people. However, over the past decade or so, they have become extremely popular amongst the latest in interior designs, for their style and their practicality.

They offer a range of advantages over other bathroom features, including traditional showers and bath tubs, and can also be more useful than interior designs like wet rooms.

4 Reasons To Choose A Walk-In Shower

  1. They’re Easy To Use – Walk-in showers are an extremely practical choice for your bathroom or en-suite. They are extremely easy to use and are, in fact, much safer than alternative designs for a wide range of users.

    They can allow you to completely make use of your available space and can be easily installed in varying sizes, with an optional end panel.

  2. They Require Little Maintenance – As they are typically of a minimalist design, these forms of showers will require very little in the way of maintenance. The showers themselves are designed to be extremely practical, and their style is simply a reflection of that.

    When you are picking out your ideal shower, it can be easy to forget that you will have to clean and maintain it over the years; with walk-in showers, there are no intricate designs which you will need to clean, simply clean and clear lines.

  3. A Wide Range Of Styles – Aside from their practical benefits, walk-in showers look amazing as well. They are regularly found in modern interior designs and are highly regarded for their simplicity.

    They are particularly effective in smaller bathrooms, and can contribute to the creation of an open area design, which can make limited space appear much more airy and pleasant to be in.

  4. They Can Last A Lifetime – If properly maintained, walk-in showers can last much longer than traditional showers as there are fewer areas for grime, mould or other dirt to accumulate and ruin the room’s aesthetic. They also tend to suffer from less wear and tear, and are much easier to enter and exit – meaning that you will not need to replace them in the event of any mobility issues occurring or, if you already suffer from mobility issues, getting worse.

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Bathtime MobilityWhy Do I Need A Walk-In Shower?