Power Baths

Traditional bathing solutions are extremely difficult, and often dangerous, for a disabled person to use, particularly those which feature a high lip. Disabled baths are now available in a wide range of designs, including walk-in and power-assisted solutions, to help you and your loved ones enjoy a much safer and more relaxing bathing experience. Disability baths have been designed to provide a complete sense of security and help to encourage user independence for as long as possible.

Power-Assisted Disability Baths

Here at Bathtime Mobility, we understand that our customers value both their privacy and their independent lifestyles. With power-assisted baths, you needn’t rely on someone else to help you with your bathing or washing, and you can take the time to truly relax and let a comfortable, secure bathing solution soak your stress and worries away. Our disability baths have all been designed to make self-care a reality, which can also be of a huge benefit to any carers or nurses that the user requires for their daily lives.

Accessible baths with power-assistance are practical bathing solutions for those users with, often fairly severe, mobility issues. Not only are these models suitable for users whom have difficulty entering and exiting the bath itself, but it can also help with any user who requires assistance whilst bathing.

The wide variety of designs available means that you can easily find the ideal model for your bathrooms requirements, as well as designs which will fit your own mobility needs.

Power baths with lifting seats feature a lift-seat outside of the bath to allow easy entrance. The seat will lift you over the side of the bath itself and gently lower you into the water. Hi-Lo baths typically offer an extra amount of assistance for those who do require assisted bathing and can be used with bed to bath transfer seats. This can make it extremely easy for a carer to lift the user from a bed into the bath and vice versa.

A Wide Range of Disabled Baths, From Bathtime Mobility

There are also disabled baths which do not require power-assistance, including walk-in baths which are designed for those who struggle to lift their legs over the rim of the bath, or find the low seating of the traditional bathtub uncomfortable.

Here at Bathtime Mobility, we are proud to offer a wide range of reliable, intelligently-designed disability baths to allow you or your loved ones to enjoy your independence for as long as possible and ensure that the user can continue to enjoy their bathing experience.

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