The Safety Of Walk In Baths

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At Bathtime mobility, our main goal is to provide highly functional and accessible bathing options for people with limited mobility. Our selection of walk-in baths offers the luxury of bathing with the added safety and support that our customers need the most.


The Safety Of Walk-In Baths: Comparing Walk-In Baths With Regular Bath Models

Whilst the majority of modern bath and shower models are augmented with some support mechanisms, they often leave limited mobility users with a cumbersome and arduous process that fails to provide vital safety. Unfortunately, this problem increases if an individual’s mobility worsens over time. Similarly, many of the typical shower-bath combinations found in many households may be hard to access; consequently, the likelihood of slipping and causing harm is notably higher when opting for a standard bath design. On the other hand, walk in baths eliminate the possibility of these dangerous outcomes and, crucially, give the user the support that they need to bathe confidently, comfortably and independently.

The introduction of walk in baths offers the chance to enjoy an independent bathing experience without sacrificing crucial functionality. No longer is there the need to climb in; with the doors attached to one side of the bath, it allows wheelchair users easier access to the bathtub. Additionally, unlike standard bath-shower designs, our shower-bath options such as The Savana Walk in Bath or The Talis come with a support bar on the shower side- making access to either appliance safe and smooth.


How Our Wide Range Of Walk-In Baths Ensure Better Overall Safety

The optimisation of our bath lifts and power baths ensure that our products meet all customer requirements. The bath lifts provide a comfortable and safe condition when in the bathtub, whilst our range of power baths offer quality support during the transition to and from the bath (although they feature a slightly different design model). Once again, these options limit the chance of dangerous slipping so you can bathe with confidence.


How Our Walk-In Baths Are Safer, But Also Cater To Mobile Users

Although our walk-in baths are designed with limited mobility users in mind, other consumers can have the opportunity to enjoy our specially designed tubs, without having to alter their bath routine. The sleek and highly attractive designs of these walk-in baths and showers integrate well with any interior decor. We spend a lot of time taking into account the requirements of our customers to ensure customer satisfaction.


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Bathtime MobilityThe Safety Of Walk In Baths

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