Swift Alcove


Dimensions for Swift Alcove shower tray

A fixed length, level access tray for an alcove

The fixed length, level accessSwift Alcove tray gives you the perfect choice when a practical, quick to install showering alternative is required.

Using TRUESEAL2, our unique floor edge profile, a Swift Alcove tray makes is possible to hot seam weld vinyl sheet flooring directly onto the tray, creating a perfectly secure watertight joint, and vastly reducing the chances of future problems.


  • Barrier free, level access, for effortless wheeledchair entry
  • Create a defined shower area without reducing floor space
  • Incorporating the unique TRUESEAL2 floor edge profile for that perfect waterproof joint
  • Avoids the need to create difficult falls, and requires only 18mm of existing floor to be removed (apart from the trap area)
  • Installation friendly, removes the need for intricate corner seam welds
  • Shower tray, enclosure and any ancillary equipment can be installed during one visit, leaving the flooring to be fitted afterwards
  • Locate in wooden or solid floor settings, minimal need for additional support under the tray required
  • 14mm tiling lip, which could also accept wallboards
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Anti-slip surface for an assured underfoot grip
  • Not handed


Suitability Guide for Swift Alcove Level Access Shower Trays


Walk in shower enclosures to suit this level access shower tray are made to the standard height of 750mm, unless otherwise stated, and are supplied with a curtain rail and white satin striped, weighted 4oz curtain.

Swift 1400 Tray Only Swift 1400 Tray Only
  • 1400 x 745 fixed length, level access, bath replacement for an alcove.
  • Lifetime guarantee.
  • Exclusively incorporates Microban antibacterial protection.
£418.00 + VAT
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