Dipper Step In Shower Tray 1100 x 750

Dimensions for Dipper Shower TrayShower enclosures for this above ground, step in shower tray are made to the standard height of 750mm, unless stated, and are supplied with a curtain rail and white satin striped, weighted 4oz curtain.

Low entry & easy installation, only 90mm high

The Dipper step in shower tray is ideal when a low level showering solution is required to be sited on an unbreachable floor. The 1 1/2″ side outlet can be quickly connected to existing or new above ground pipework.


The nature of the 90mm high Dipper tray is ideal for use with a shower cubicle which may require to be located within a bedroom or living area or for relocation in the future.

  • 1100mm x 750mm step in shower tray, only 90mm high
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Reinforced GRP construction
  • Anti-slip surface for an assured underfoot grip
  • No floor excavation required
  • Built in Microban antibacterial protection
  • Hair trap reduces the possibility of blockages occurring
  • Can be used with a running trap
  • Left or right hand available

Suitability guide for Dipper Shower Tray




Dipper Tray OnlyDipper Tray Only

  • 1100mm x 750mm step in shower tray, only 90mm high.
    Lifetime guarantee.
    Exclusively incorporates Microban antibacterial protection.
    Left hand illustrated.
    £668.00 +VAT



Opeion A Package- Dipper TrayOption A Package

Dipper Tray

Bi-parting doors with a fixed panel where assisted bathing is required.
Right hand is required. Right hand illustrated.
A – 445 B – 730
£888.00 + VAT


Option B Cubicle PackOption B Cubicle Package

Dipper Tray

Full height cubicle at 1850mm, glazed in polypropylene, with half height bi-parting doors for maximum access.
Right hand illustrated.
Optional roof or light available to suit this cubicle.
A – 480 B – 730
£1230.00 + VAT


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