Dove Step In Shower Tray 1200 x 700

Dimensions for The Dove Shower TrayAbove ground, side outlet, just 60mm high, ideal for unbreachable floors

The Dove is an above ground shower tray that can be installed directly onto any floor type with minimum of disruption. The side outlet removes waste water from the tray without the need to excavate existing flooring for drainage purposes.

Optional ramp available to guarantee wheelchair access
Step in shower tray 1200 x 700, only 60mm high
Ramp R03 available as an optional accessory to facilitate wheelchair access
Lifetime guarantee
Reinforced GRP construction
Anti-slip surface for an assured underfoot grip
Built in Microban antibacterial protection
Hair trap reduces the possibility of blockages occurring
Left or right hand available



Suitability Guide for The Dove Shower Tray





Shower enclosures to suit this above ground, step in shower tray are made to the standard height of 750mm, unless stated, and are supplied with a curtain rail and white satin striped, weighted 4oz curtain.

Dover Shower Tray OnlyDove Tray Only

Step in shower tray 1200 x 700, only 60mm high.
Lifetime guarantee.
Exclusively incorporates Microban antibacterial protection.
Right hand illustrated.
£503.00 +VAT



Option A PackageOption A Package

Dove Tray

Single door with fixed front and return panel where assisted bathing is required.
Right hand illustrated.
A – 650 B – 412 C – 680
£736.00 + VAT


Option B Cubicle PackOption B Cubicle Package

Dove Tray

Full height cubicle at 1850mm, glazed in polypropylene, with half height single and bi-folding doors for maximum access.
Right hand illustrated.
Optional roof or light available to suit this cubicle.
A – 352 B – 342 C – 355 D – 680

£1126.00 + VAT

Option C packageOption C Package

Dove Tray

Full height enclosure at 1850mm, with full height outward opening door.
Right hand illustrated.
A- 770 B – 370 C – 680
£970.00 + VAT


Option D PackageOption D Package

Dove Tray

Twin bi-folding doors open and fold providing full access to the front of the shower area.
Right hand illustrated.
A – 250 B – 225 C – 680
£854.00 + VAT



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Gaz WDove Step In Shower Tray 1200 x 700