Staying Safe With Bathroom Features And Disabled Showers!

by Bathtime Mobility on May 27, 2015 Comments Off on Staying Safe With Bathroom Features And Disabled Showers!

Accidents can happen to anyone whilst taking a shower, that risk is even greater for people who experience mobility issues.  Water in showers tends to pool together rather quickly and one movement of your feet could potentially cause a slip. Using a specially-adapted disabled shower can help to reduce risk, especially if you feel that you’re vulnerable to slips and falls in a conventional shower. Everyone should be able to enjoy their bathing time in comfort and safety.

Some Handy Tips For Keeping Safe In The Shower!

  • Make sure you have a non-slip shower tray – it can be difficult to stand in the shower at the best of times – ensuring that you have a anti-slip shower tray will keep you stable whilst you enjoy your bathing.
  • For even more stability, a durable shower chair could prove to be useful. If you struggle to stand, then you’ll be able to sit in the shower and bathe, giving you a more relaxing showering experience.
  • Install grab rails – if you do experience mobility issues, grab rails will help you to pull yourself in and out of your disabled shower.
  • Ensure that the temperature stays the same – there can be few things worse than a scalding in the shower – be sure that your shower comes with thermostatic controls, so you are able to set the right heat for you.
  • Make sure there’s a tray or compartment somewhere for you to keep all your bathing paraphernalia and towels on. Nobody wants to keep walking back and forth to the shower (which may already be wet) carrying things that you may need – let alone if you struggle to move at the best of times.
  • For paramount safety however, a wet room may be worth installing in your home. This room is literally open, as a shower room, giving you more space to shower and dry off, the floor being entirely made of non-slip material.

The Best Disabled Showers, With Bathtime Mobility

Here at Bathime Mobility, we have a wide range of disabled showers that can be adapted to the needs of everyone. All of our disabled showers are made to reduce the risk of injury, are easy to clean and are long-lasting and durable. We also offer a bathroom-design service and can install wet rooms and shower trays in your home.

If you have any questions on our range of disabled shower equipment, or for any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0800 29 22 110. Our team are waiting and willing to offer expert advice for you on how to improve your bathing time.

Bathtime MobilityStaying Safe With Bathroom Features And Disabled Showers!