The Molly Bather bath lift

Unlike some bath lifts, the Molly Bather Bath Lift allows you to use all of your current bathing space whilst offering you the support you need to lower and raise yourself in and out of the bath. As one of the most versatile bath lifts on the market the Molly Bather is incredibly easy to use.

  • The height adjustable stool contains a specially designed non-slip belt; simply extend this and attach it to the grab rail.
  • Sit on the padded transfer stool and then swing over the side of the bath to seat yourself on the belt.
  • The waterproof remote control then allows you to immerse yourself in the bath, this can be stored out of your way on the stool, ready for when you want to raise yourself back out again.

When finished, the stool provides a convenient place to sit whilst drying off, and because the belt is stored within the stool, it doesn’t impede normal bath usage by others.

The non-slip cushion attached to the belt is particularly useful as it prevents side-to-side slipping which is common with many other bath lifts; this cushion also repels water courtesy of its closed cell foam construction. It’s also machine washable.

So if you would like a bath lift that is easy to use and is quickly installed, then the Molly bather could well be the right choice for you. It includes a rechargeable battery pack to power the lift and a height adjustable stool of a satin aluminium and stainless steel construction that will last for years and years to come.

If you would like to improve your bathing experience, then the Molly Bather offers a uniquely modern and relaxing bath lift alternative that can help you retain your independence for longer.

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Maximum user weight – 140kg / 308lb / 22 stone

Gaz WThe Molly Bather bath lift