The Relaxa Bath Lift

Relaxa Bath Lift

The  Relaxa bath lift has been designed to help ease the strain of getting in and out of the bath without the need for someone to lend a hand.

This specific bath lift is particularly handy because there is no need to install it or remove it every time you decide to bathe. It simply stows away in a wall mounted holder, ready to be pulled out for use. This makes the Relaxa especially useful, as it doesn’t impede the regular bath usage of others.

As the Relaxa bath lift only uses a belt, it is compatible with many existing baths so there’s no need to have your bathroom redesigned or refitted; it also means that you can use all of your bath space, unlike with other bath lifts.

To immerse yourself into a relaxing bath with the Relaxa, simply:

  • Place the rechargeable battery into the slot
  • Pull out the belt and attach it to the mounting bar on the other side of the bath
  • Seat yourself on the belt and push one button to lower yourself into the bath
  • When finished, press another button and you will be raised to comfortable level so you can easily swing over and get out at your own pace

The Relaxa can be fitted in  less than under three hours and it holds enough charge for 20 lifts. To ensure longevity, we manufacture the belts from durable polypropylene. We have also made the battery easy to remove and replace, for ease of overnight charging.

For peace of mind, we have also included a built-in digital water temperature display, which allows you to use the accompanying probe to find out precisely how warm your bath is before getting in; avoiding scalding and discomfort.

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Maximum user weight -127 kgm (20 stone)

Relaxa Bath Lift - Step by Step

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