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Tips On Adding Colour To Your Disability Bathroom Design, Without It Looking Cheap!

by Bathtime Mobility on January 25, 2016 Comments Off on Tips On Adding Colour To Your Disability Bathroom Design, Without It Looking Cheap!

Adding a splash of colour to your bathroom design can be fairly daunting for many people, largely because so many interior design trends of the past have focused on neutral tones only. However, modern disability bathroom design is focused on the combination of practicality, comfort and style rather than just designing a bathroom which only focuses on usability, at the expense of the other important features which make a fantastic modern bathroom.

The main fears that hold people back from adding colour to their bathroom design are the concerns that it will result in tacky-looking or cheap bathrooms. In actual fact, intelligent use of colour can be a great way to make a bathroom look more luxurious, unique and welcoming.

The Best Ways To Include Colour In Your Bathroom Design

  • Feature Walls – Unless your bathroom is one of the largest rooms in your house, painting a strong colour on every wall is generally inadvisable. Painting a single feature wall, however, can be a great way to inject colour into your space. One of the most popular ways to add this colour to your bathroom is to paint the wall which actually has the least amount of visible space, such as the wall behind your toilet, your sink or your bathtub.
  • Bright, Colourful Tiles – If you don’t feel ready to paint your walls, then scattering colourful tiles amongst your plain white ones can be a great way to introduce colour and fun into your space. They can also be a great way to include a pattern in your bathroom design as well.Creating a centre of attention, particularly around a feature such as a disabled-friendly bath, shower or sink can work perfectly.
  • Towels And Texture – If you’re just bored of your all-white or neutral coloured bathroom, but don’t really want to undertake any major refurbishment work, then you can make a real difference by changing minor things. If you choose to exchange white or neutral towels for bright vividly coloured alternatives, then you can really inject some life into your bathroom at very little expense or effort.
  • Lighting – A simple and affordable way to add new colour to your bathroom is to create a sense of colourful ambience using intelligent lighting solutions. There are many different colours of lighting available, and even adjustable LEDs which you can dynamically change to suit your current mood.

Add Colour And Character To Your Bathroom

By adding colour to your bathroom, you can make it a much more enjoyable and welcoming place to be which, in turn, can make the benefits of relaxing baths and exhilarating showers much more powerful.

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Bathtime MobilityTips On Adding Colour To Your Disability Bathroom Design, Without It Looking Cheap!