The Wonderful World Of Bath Lifts: An FAQ

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Here at Bathtime Mobility we know bathing is a luxury many people don’t appreciate, so when that luxury is made more daunting and difficult because of mobility issues, it can be a real confidence blow. Bath lifts are great for those people who would prefer a helping hand getting in and out of the bath. So if you or a family member is feeling increasingly anxious about bath times, our baths with lifts are an easy and affordable solution. Below are some essential FAQ’s to read up on about bath lifts.

What Do I Need To Know About Bath Lifts?

1. What Is A Bath Lift? – A bath lift is a control powered lift that is completely safe for use in water. It enables those who may have limited strength or movement to get in and out of a bath with ease. Climbing over the sides of a bath can be a strenuous exercise for many, especially those who are elderly or disabled, and without that extra stability and strength, taking a bath can take a great deal of effort. Bath lifts take that effort away and make bath times easy and relaxing.

2. What Happens Exactly? – All of our bath lifts gently lower the bather into the water from a comfortable seated position. When it’s time to get out again, the powered lift conveniently raises you up level with the top of the bath so that you don’t have to struggle when getting out.

3. Will I Have To Drain The Water Out Before I Can Use My Bath Lift To Get Out? – No, as briefly mentioned above, all of our bath lifts are completely safe to use with water.

4. Can A Bath Lift Be Fitted To Any Type Of Bath? – No, some baths are too deep for our bath lifts unfortunately, however they will fit most types of baths. Check how low our lifts go down before buying and contact our team. Our installation team will be happy to measure the depth of your bath to help you choose a suitable bath lift.

Installation Service

We’re proud to say that our installation team have been with us since the very beginning, so they’ve fitted many bath lifts, walk-in baths, shower rooms and many more bathroom mobility solutions. You will find it refreshing to talk to somebody who has so many years of experience and is sure to understand your needs and worries. Most of our installations can be carried out in one day, so you won’t need to wait much longer for that all important soak either!

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For increased independence and an easy way to get into the bath, try our mobility bath lifts, or for more information, contact our friendly and professional team today. Call our freephone telephone number on 0800 29 22 110 or send us a message via our contact form here.

Bathtime MobilityThe Wonderful World Of Bath Lifts: An FAQ