Adaptations of Council Homes for Disabled Occupants

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As we age we can become slower and can find their mobility impaired. As everyday tasks become compromised it can be difficult retaining one’s sense of independence. Bathtime Mobility specializes in helping the elderly and the disabled with such issues by offering a variety of disabled showers and baths to suit your needs. We install the equipment ourselves, tailoring your accessible bathroom exactly according to your requirements. Due to council laws, it is possible to adapt a person’s home free of charge, if they are recognized by the law as disabled.

Adaptations of Council Homes:

Adaptations are simply design alterations to your home to improve a person’s safety and independence.  These alterations can be divided into two categories:

  • Minor – Stair rails, level access thresholds, level taps, grab rails, flashing/vibrating doorbells/smoke alarms
  • Major – Stair lifts, ramps, adaptations for wheelchair use, level access showers, ground floor bathroom/bedroom facilities

However, these adaptations require the permission of an occupational therapist, who will then determine whether the home and the occupant are eligible. Minor adaptations are referred directly to the housing maintenance unit by the occupational therapy team. Major adaptations are submitted to the area housing office that will then deem whether the property is suitable for such development. If for instance your home is considered unsuitable for adaptations, but you are qualified for disability benefits, the housing office may offer to move you to a new location in the area which can be adapted for disabled occupants. This option would include a relocation grant of £500 to help offset costs. If you choose to remain in a property which is seen as unsuitable, you may have to finance part of the build yourself or you can apply for a disabled facilities grant.

Minor adaptations are of no cost to disabled tenants and their family members. Major adaptations are also available free of charge, but only if the beneficiary is in receipt of a means tested benefit. If you are disabled and do not receive a benefit, you may need to complete a means test form. The housing improvements and assistance team will then issue instructions to the building facilities section. Minor housing installations should be completed within six weeks of referral, but major adaptations may, understandably take up to twenty six weeks after referral.

Bathtime Mobility:

Bathtime mobility is passionate about helping the elderly and disabled to overcome the rigmarole of bathroom rituals. Whether you are looking for a walk in bath/shower, disabled showers, bath lifts, wet rooms or level access shower trays, we will provide you with top quality service. We also offer £500 cash back on bath or shower installations and are happy to discuss specific requirements so we can tailor your installation to your exact needs. Our experienced team of experts can also provide advice on electrical, plumbing, tiling or small building work, leaving you in safe hands every step of the process.

If you would like to get a quote or enquire further about our range of fixtures and fittings, please contact us by telephoning 0800 29 22 110, or visit us online at

Bathtime MobilityAdaptations of Council Homes for Disabled Occupants