What is a Bath Lift?

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If you have trouble getting yourself in and out of the bath, then a bath lift might be the perfect solution. Most bath lifts are effectively a seat that raises and lowers, which can be placed securely in the bath when needed. Here at Bathtime, we have a variety of different designs with options to suit any type of bath and all levels of mobility.

What Is A Bath Lift And How Does It Work?

A Bath lift is a device which allows people with less mobility to safely move in and out of their bath by taking away the strain required to lift their entire body weight. When raised to its upright position, it should be level with the top of your bath. Then the user has to sit on the bath lift and move their feet and legs over into the bath, before lowering the seat into the bath with the water already in it.
Once finished, the bath lift is raised to the starting position and the user can exit the bath without having to run the water out first. This is one of the major advantages that a bath lift has over a walk in bath, as there is no time waiting for water to fill or drain away.

What Do I Need To Consider When Buying A Bath Lift?


  • Type of bath – Look at the shape of your bath and check that it is not too deep for a bath lift to lower the user in properly. Make sure the handles of the bath are not going to interfere and ensure the bath is not too old and is made from a strong material, so it can take the weight and other pressures needed for a bath lift to work, check with the manufacturer if you’re unsure.
  • Length of the bath – A bath lift uses a considerable proportion of the length of the bath, reducing the room available for you to stretch out your legs. This length will vary depending on your bath and the type and model of bath lift.
  • Suction FeetMany bath lifts have large suction feet which stick to the bottom of the bath to provide stability. These need to be released before the lift is removed, which generally means leaning and reaching over into the bath. Some newer models have pull up tabs attached to the suction feet to make this easier.
  • Highest/Lowest Position – Check that the bath lift goes as high and low as you need it to, this will depend on the size and depth of your bath.
  • Seat type – Some bath lift seats are made of hard plastic which can feel uncomfortable, especially for people with low body weight. Bath lifts with padded seats are also available and are often preferred by users.


A Huge Variety Of Bath Lifts At Bathtime Mobility

At Bath Time Mobility, we have a huge range of bath lifts plus many more accessible bath and shower solutions which can help elderly or disabled people who feel they need better access in their bathroom. You can visit our showroom in Henley on Thames where we have a large number of products on display.
Contact us on our free phone number 0800 29 22 110 for advice on any of our products or to arrange a free home demonstration from our mobile showroom.

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