Baths With Doors: Everything You Ever Needed To Know

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Baths with doors are a must have for all those people who aren’t as steady on their feet as they would hope. Whether you’re here to find out more information about baths with doors for yourself, an elderly friend, or anyone else who has difficulty manoeuvring, Bathtime Mobility are here with some essential FAQ’s to consider before taking the plunge.

All You Need To Know About Baths With Doors

1. What Are Baths With Doors? – More commonly known as ‘walk in baths’, they are baths designed with a door that opens either inwards or outwards for easy access. They’re therefore great for anybody with mobility issues, or those who are unconfident climbing over high bath sides to enjoy a relaxing soak.

2. Can I Have A Shower In My Bath? – Of course! All of our walk-in baths come with an adjustable, hand-held shower head so you’re free to wash however you like. We also supply walk in shower baths, more commonly known as P shaped baths. These allow you to either have a nice relaxing soak or take a shower in the wider part of the bath. A shower screen is fitted to this side of the bath to stop the water going outside of the showering area.

3. Are They Watertight? – Yes, all of Bathtime Mobility’s baths with doors are watertight when the door is closed. When taking a bath, the water will need to be drained before opening the door again. However this isn’t as time consuming as many think, as most our baths with doors are fitted with dual wastes, meaning they drain significantly faster than your traditional bath.

4. Can They Come With Additional Features? – Yes. Some of our walk-in baths can be upgraded to create a stress-free spa bath. With whirlpool or hydrotherapy features you can be certain that bathing is an experience to look forward to. These features are also associated with many health benefits, including muscle stimulation and relaxation, and improved circulation. If you’re unsure whether a spa bath is for you, please consult your doctor first or call us for more information.

Bathtime Mobility Installation Service

With Bathtime Mobility installing baths with doors is an easy process. Our helpful and specialist team are expertly trained for all kinds of situations so you don’t need to worry. Many of our walk-in baths can also be fitted within one working day, so you and your family won’t need to wait long before enjoying a good soak.

Bathtime Mobility | For All Of Your Bath time Mobility Needs

Who knew that an idea as simple as adding a door to a bath could give people with mobility issues more independence and a better quality of life? For your mobility baths with doors or for more information, contact our friendly and professional team today. Call our free phone telephone number on 0800 29 22 110 or send us a message via our contact form here.

Bathtime MobilityBaths With Doors: Everything You Ever Needed To Know