Bath lifts: What Are They And How Do They Work?

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Bath lifts are a great way for people with limited strength and mobility to maintain their independence while bathing. It also enables you to keep the same bath and improve its accessibility simultaneously. These are two of the main benefits, but it’s important to have all the details on the different varieties and how they work.

What Are Bath Lifts And How Do They Operate?

Bath boards and seats are sufficient for people whose strength and mobility hasn’t been so severely limited, but bath lifts take it one step further for people whose mobility and strength are very restricted.

The seating for lifts varies. At Bathtime Mobility, we have a lift where the seat includes a back rest and others which comprise of a non-slip band. All our systems are mechanical and come with rechargeable batteries. The seat should raise you level with the top of the bath for an easy and safe exit or entry. Once seated in a safe and upright position, you simply use the hand controls to lower the seat into the tub. When you’re finished, you use the same hand controls to slowly raise you out of the water.

Finding the perfect solution for your bath tub is vital for easy use. There are a few key considerations which will determine which model is the best fit. These include the size of the tub, safety, comfort, convenience and much more. Remember, installing a bath lift is about making your life easier.

What Are The Different Types Of Bath Lifts?

At Bathtime Mobility, we have a range of bath lifts so you can choose which one is right for you. All our lifts are battery powered, but here’s a closer look at what we have to offer and their qualities.

The Relaxa Bath Lift – This variant is particularly convenient because the belt can be easily moved out of the way when not required. The belt simply retracts into the wall mounted holder, and is easy to pull out when needed. To use, you simply place the battery into the slot, pull out the belt and attach it to the mounting bar on the floor, sit on it and slowly lower yourself.

Molly Bather – Similar to the Relaxa Bath Lift, The Molly Bather only requires you to extend and attach the belt, which is fitted to a convenient hand rail. To enter, there is also a cushioned stool provided so you can sit and swivel onto the belt. It also provides an ideal seat for drying off.

Bellavita – This is the most modern lift we offer and was developed with the help of nursing professionals. The ergonomically tested seat provides ultimate comfort and safety. The backrest can even recline 50 degrees.

Make You Bath More Accessible With Bath Lifts From Bathtime Mobility

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Bathtime MobilityBath lifts: What Are They And How Do They Work?