Best Bathroom Cleaning Products You Already Have At Home

by Bathtime Mobility on February 19, 2023 No comments

Anyone who has been following the likes of Mrs Hinch for the last few years will know their ‘Pink Stuff’ from Zoflora but when it comes to cleaning your bathroom as quickly and efficiently as possible, what are the best products to use that you’ll already have at home? 

  • Shaving cream

Shaving cream doesn’t just have one use in the bathroom, as it has been shown to be an effective cleaner too. According to Apartment Therapy, it is great at polishing chrome or stainless steel, while applying some to your mirror also prevents it from steaming up after a shower.


  • Cooking spray

Cooking oil spray is also great to keep in the bathroom, as it removes shower and bath soap scum in an instant. The oil also keeps taps looking shiny and free from water stains, cabinet doors well lubricated, and glass shower doors spotless. 

  • Indigestion tablets

If you regularly suffer from blocked drains from toothpaste, soap or razor residue, use indigestion tablets to keep them clear. 

Pop four effervescent pills down the drain and rinse with a cup of distilled vinegar. After ten minutes, pour a kettle of boiling water, and your tap should be unblocked.

  • Old toothbrushes

Getting into the corners of a shower or bath, around taps or in between tiles to give them a good clean can be tricky, which is where old toothbrushes or even chopsticks come in handy. 

Wrap a cloth around a chopstick to get into the hard-to-reach areas or boil an old toothbrush and bend its head to create a tool that is great for scrubbing small areas. 

Cleaning your washroom if you have mobility challenges is even more difficult, but washing yourself doesn’t have to be if you look for the right accessible bath solutions that suit your needs. 


Bathtime MobilityBest Bathroom Cleaning Products You Already Have At Home