The Brilliant Benefits Of Accessible Baths And Showers

by Bathtime Mobility on February 9, 2015 Comments Off on The Brilliant Benefits Of Accessible Baths And Showers

For anyone who has limited mobility, bathing can be a chore. This can range from needing outside help to ensure getting in and out of bath tubs is achievable, through to not being able to enjoy a relaxing soak in peace anymore. Accessible baths and showers offer a solution to these issues.

How Can Accessible Baths And Showers Help You Or Your Loved Ones?

The clue is in the title. Accessible baths and showers offer exactly that: easy access so as to make bathing a pleasure once more. If you’re looking to regain independence when bathing, then these appliances are perfect.

For example, a walk in bath provides easy access for people with limits on their movements. Rather than having to clamber over the side of the bath tub, they feature doors which open inwards and allow users to walk in and then sit down. This avoids the risk of any nasty slips, trips or spills and you’ll soon be enjoying a soothing bath in no time.

If bending or stretching down in the tub is beyond your means then don’t worry. Many accessible baths come equipped with lifting seats. These gently lower users into the tub, which then fills using temperature controlled taps, with a minimum of fuss at the touch of a button. Similarly, grab rails are also available for added stability.

Of course, bath tubs can be rather large and take up a lot of room (although we do stock many models that can be easily fit into smaller bathrooms). If you’re bathing area is small, you may want to consider a walk-in shower.

Benefits Of Walk-in Showers

Stepping over the side of a shower tray, into a cubicle, can prove distressing or difficult for the elderly or the disabled. With an accessible shower, the tray will be very low (often only up to 40mm) or fitted flush with the floor.

This means that it takes the minimum of effort in order to take the shower enclosure. The bottom of the shower will also be constructed of anti-slip materials. As it can prove disastrous, potentially fatal even, for someone with mobility requirements to fall over while showering, these offer users complete peace of mind while bathing.

As with walk-in baths, a number of accessories are available to improve the safety of users while showering in an easy access cubicle. Once again, grab rails can be installed for extra stability. Shower seats are also available if you would prefer to sit while bathing.

The added accessibility of all these great appliances makes bathing a pleasure again. They’re an absolute necessity if you or a loved one has specific mobility requirements.

Accessible Baths And Showers At Bathtime Mobility

If you’re looking for the very best in accessible baths and showers, then Bathtime Mobility is where your search ends. We stock a comprehensive range of walk in baths and easy access showers for a variety of requirements and budgets so please see our main website for details now.

We also offer a professional installation service too so you don’t have to worry about any of the technical aspects. Simply contact us and we’ll take care of the rest. Browse our accessibility bathroom appliances today. Please don’t forget to get in touch with our team for expert advice at any time.

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