Have You Considered The Convenience Of Walk-In Showers?

by Bathtime Mobility on January 21, 2015 Comments Off on Have You Considered The Convenience Of Walk-In Showers?

Many people prefer showers to baths. They are often considered more refreshing and rejuvenating, whilst taking a great deal less time, though at the cost of the relaxation that traditional bathtubs provide.

Walk-in showers provide a much more comfortable experience than other shower designs, which can either be situated in a bathtub or require the user to step over the raised edge of a shower tray. Walk-in variants aren’t just for the elderly or the disabled, but can actually provide a more comfortable showering experience for the young and the able-bodied as well.

The Convenience Of Walk-In Showers

Walk-In showers offer some fantastic advantages of standard showers, which make walk-ins appeal to a much wider audience than their original imagined user.

  • Low-Level Entry – Here at Bathroom Mobility, we can provide low-level shower trays which allow you to enter and exit the shower without having to lift your legs any more than you normally would.

    Depending on the door-frame, a low-level shower tray can even allow for wheelchair access, to provide complete independence, no matter how able-bodied you might be. All low-level entry flooring is designed to be non-slip, to provide an even more comfortable and safe experience which provides you with complete peace of mind.

  • Fold-Down Shower Seats – For many people, the extensive time spent standing in the shower isn’t a realistic option and, as such, utilising a practical and fitting fold-down shower seat can be a huge comfort.

    Comfortable and supportive when being used, the best shower seats can be folded away to allow wheelchair access and a wider movement area whilst standing.

  • Hand-Grab Rails – Hand-grab rails are the most common feature when improving both the convenience and safety of a bathroom environment. Easy to install, non-intrusive and reliable, hand-grab rails are one of the ultimate safety features in a bathroom.

    Great for providing either that extra anchorage point when picking yourself up or simply to steady yourself whilst standing, a well-positioned hand-grab rail can make your bathroom a much safer area and contribute to the removal of pre-shower stress.

  • Wide Entry Or Bi-Fold Doors – Walk-In showers are capable of supporting a much wider range of doors than traditional showers with a high-shower tray. Wide entry doors are perfect if you dislike squeezing through a narrow entry way, or if you require additional space for a wheelchair.

    For those who do need a little extra help whilst showering, a bi-fold door can be the perfect solution. These types of doors can be opened halfway, allowing another person to assist you without getting wet themselves.

Walk-In showers can be installed in any size of bathroom, and are a great option for providing a safe and comfortable showering experience for anybody, whatever your age, health and mobility.

So, You’re Considering A Walk-In Shower?

Here at Bathtime Mobility, we understand just how important your independence is to you and we have dedicated ourselves to providing easy and safe solutions for many of the problems that you suffer whilst showering and bathing.

For more information, or to discover how extensive range of walk-in showers can help you to make your bathroom safer and more suited to your needs, call us up on 0800 292 2110, visit our website, or arrange a viewing of our unique showroom in Henley on Thames.

Bathtime MobilityHave You Considered The Convenience Of Walk-In Showers?