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Changing Places And Disabled Bathrooms In London!

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With more and more focus being placed on improving the quality of life for disabled people all over the country, it’s no surprise that public toilets and bathrooms are also becoming more and more disabled friendly. One of the organisations really pushing for the country-wide improvement of public toilets is the Changing Places Consortium, which has already installed several disabled bathrooms in London.

Who Are Changing Places?

Established ten years ago, in 2005, the Changing Places Consortium (CPC) is a group of organisations working to support the rights of people with multiple and profound learning disabilities, along with other physical disabilities. Changing Places toilets are public disabled bathrooms in London, which are installed in a range of public spaces to ensure that physically and mentally disabled people can easily access and get involved with their local community.

The six main members of the CPC are:

  • The Centre for Accessible Environment (CAE)
  • Mencap
  • The Nottingham City Council
  • The Dumfries & Galloway Council
  • The Scottish Government

What Are Changing Places Toilets?

Changing Places believes that “standard accessible toilets do not meet the needs of all people with a disability.” Many disabled people, such as those with multiple learning disabilities, or those suffering from physical disabilities including spinal injuries, multiple sclerosis and serious muscular dystrophy require additional bathroom features and facilities to allow them to use toilets comfortably and safely.

Changing Places toilets are different from regular “accessible” toilets, which rarely meet the needs for disabled users. Instead, CP bathrooms offer a more diverse range of facilities along with much more space to effectively meet the needs of people that need to use them.

What Really Sets A Changing Places Toilet Apart?

The three major components of a CPC disabled bathroom in London are their inclusion of the right equipment, their intuitive use of space and the provision of a safe, clean environment.

  • The Right Equipment – Each CP bathroom features a height-adjustable, adult-sized (but child-friendly) changing bench for easy access on behalf of a carer or support worker. Each design also includes a tracking hoist system, or a mobile hoist in those bathrooms which are unsuitable for the heavier and larger system.
  • Intuitive Use Of Space – Each design is characterised by the adequate amount of space for the disabled person and up to as many as two carers. This includes intelligent design, including a centrally-positioned toilet which offers room on either side for easy lowering to, and rising from, the toilet seat.It is also important that these spaces consider the user’s dignity and independence, and so each design features a screen or thick curtain to allow user privacy.
  • A Safe, Clean Bathroom Environment – Unlike many public toilets in the capital, CPC toilets offer the user all the features they need to keep it clean and create a safe and secure environment. Each room features a wide, easy tear-off paper roll to easily cover the bench, thereby preventing any contamination.Each one of their disabled bathrooms in London also features a non-slip floor, for extra security and a large, easily-accessible waste bin for disposable pads.

Disabled Bathrooms In London, From Bathtime Mobility

Whilst Changing Places are doing an excellent job at providing high-quality toilets for public use, it is still essential that you ensure that your home environment has the ideal bathroom for your requirements. Disabled bathrooms in London can be hard to find, so it will often be simpler to renovate your existing property for your specific needs, rather than be forced out to search for an ill-suited bathroom.

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