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The Physical, Mental And Therapeutic Benefits Of Disabled Baths!

by Bathtime Mobility on December 28, 2015 Comments Off on The Physical, Mental And Therapeutic Benefits Of Disabled Baths!

Disabled baths offer a huge variety of advantages to mobility-conscious and elderly and disabled people, including increased physical security. What you might not have considered, however, is that models of these designs can provide both physical and mental benefits, which can really have a dramatic effect on the user’s day-to-day life and drastically improve their overall wellbeing.

The Physical Benefits Of A Disabled Bath!

Disability bathroom features are designed to reduce strain on the human body, and make it much easier for people of any and all physical capabilities to enjoy a relaxing bathroom experience.

One of the most common aspects of many disabled baths which disabled people tend to favour is a Hydrotherapy option. This is one of the oldest, safest and most reliable methods of providing relief from many common ailments, including muscle aches, and for some people can be essential when it comes to alleviating problems like arthritis.

Warm water, gently pulsating against the muscle, can drastically improve blood flow and increase the supply to aching joints. This is a fantastic technique when it comes to removing inflammatory particles from the area. Hydrotherapy has also been proven to offer relief from pain, which can improve overall wellbeing.

The buoyancy of the warm water may also relax muscles, which can then allow for much greater flexibility. Other benefits may include relaxed lungs, which allow for much easier breathing, and soaking in the hot water may also relieve headache pain.

The Mental Benefits Of A Disabled Bath!

When you install a disabled bathing solution, you needn’t worry about slipping or falling whilst entering or exiting the bath. The removal of this worry can offer wide-reaching advantages and help you relax more easily throughout your daily life. For example, it can actually help you to enjoy a much more relaxed night’s sleep. Recently, a study showed that as many as 70% of the UK’s senior population who happened to suffer problems relating to bathing also endured stress-related conditions including anxiety and insomnia.

In fact, the most mentally beneficial aspect of a walk-in bath is certainly its ability to help people fall asleep and enjoy a peaceful night. The swirling warm water can help your brain to relax, even as it works to wash away any anxiety or stresses that you have accumulated that day. Some researchers also claim that by immersing your body in hot water for 15 minutes before you go to bed, you can fall asleep much faster as your overall body temperature is higher.

The Therapeutic Benefits Of A Walk-In Bath!

The therapeutic benefits of hydrotherapy are well known, and many sports organisers, personal trainers and even physical therapists recommend warm-water therapy to help their patients resume daily activities faster.

Baths for disabled people can actively improve cardiovascular health, and reduce the strain that exercise of any kind places on the heart. Similarly, it can actively relieve several different types of pain, including back and knee pain, which are common in the elderly and the infirm, particularly during the colder months of the year.

Enjoy The Wide-Ranging Benefits Of Disabled Baths

Here at Bathtime Mobility, we are proud to provide a wide range of disabled baths and showers to help people of any physical status make the most out of their bathroom with a safe, stylish and relaxing bathing solution.

For more information on the wide-ranging benefits that these models can provide, get in touch with our professional team today on 0800 29 22 110.

Bathtime MobilityThe Physical, Mental And Therapeutic Benefits Of Disabled Baths!