Common Bathroom Design Mistakes

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Redesigning a bathroom is one of the most challenging redecorating jobs, particularly if you have accessibility issues to consider. Even if you don’t know where to start renovating your washroom, make sure you avoid some of the most common bathroom design mistakes. 

According to design expert Brie Turton from Australia, one of the biggest failures is not considering the flow or function of the bathroom. 

“You want to think about exactly the path you’re going to track when using your bathroom,” she stated, adding: “For example, as soon as I get out of the shower, I want to be able to grab a towel within arm’s reach.”

The layout of a washroom is even more important for those with mobility issues, as they need to have everything they need within each access, such as their towel and walking aids. 

Ms Turton also told TikTok viewers that thinking carefully about where to put the toilet is also important, with many homeowners putting it in direct view of the door, so it is what people see when they enter. 

By concealing it, if possible, the first thing visitors notice instead is the basin, giving a good impression.

However, for disabled people, it is more important the toilet is within reach, and they can pull themselves on to, and off it, easily. 

The designer also stated that blocking corners of the bathroom, such as by installing a freestanding bath with little room around its edges, is a faux pas, as “there’s not enough room to clean”. 

Homes And Gardens adds that overlooking lighting fixtures, not thinking much about flooring or tiles, fitting a basic mirror, and not accessorising the room are the biggest design mistakes when redecorating a washroom. 


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Bathtime MobilityCommon Bathroom Design Mistakes