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Eternally Stylish Bathroom Trends That Beat The Test Of Time

by Bathtime Mobility on January 25, 2023 No comments

According to a famous saying that has echoed throughout architecture, design and the clothing world, fashion rises and falls but style is everlasting.

This saying, whose initial author is unknown, is similarly true when it comes to bathroom design. Whilst some styles and types of bathroom see peaks and valleys in popularity or are linked to a particular period in history such as Milano Memphis, others have become timeless.

From layout, design, materials and accessible bath solutions, here are some bathroom trends that have endured throughout the ages and are still great today.


  • Natural Stone And Marble

Natural materials and textures have a habit of always looking great in any interior design style irrespective of the trends flowing around it, which has enabled marble and other polished, treated natural stones to endure despite costing more than laminate or other materials.

Whilst there are certain designs it cannot be used in, such as on the floor of wet rooms without other means to prevent slipping, they are hard-wearing, beautiful and have a timeless appeal to them that either provides luxury, a spa experience or both.


  • All White Everything

This is a bit of a contentious one, especially since 2023 is set to be the year that we say goodbye to the high-intensity pursuit of minimalism that has dominated bathroom design for the past 30 years.

However, it must be conceded that there is a very good reason why lavish lily-white tiles, sinks, vanities, toilets and baths have endured for as long as they have. It is often sterile and empty, but that can also be turned into a considerable strength.

Much like neutral-shaded walls in the rest of the house, it creates a sense of openness, whilst the white colour scheme also allows dirt, grime and mould to easily be spotted and uprooted before it takes hold.


  • Cooler Complimenting Shades

That is not to say that white is the only colour that has ever been in a bathroom, but there is a definite theme of lighter shades and pastels that have dominated bathroom design for a long time, particularly in the form of blue and green shades.

The reasons why are fairly self-evident; with water being the biggest part of any bathroom it makes sense for many bathrooms to have an aquatic theme, and according to studies on colour theory, blue is a colour that helps to calm and relax the senses.


  • Monochrome

Alternatively, another endlessly popular design idea is to eschew colours or flat neutral shades in favour of elaborate monochromatic designs.

The lack of colour allows for more unique designs to be attempted without the additional colours overwhelming the room and making it too busy to serve as a place of comfort and solitude.

These include lavish black and white patterns, charcoal design features, and even more unique elements such as black iron hardware accoutrements such as piping, shower heads and taps.

All of it combines to produce a distinctly vintage style, but rather than looking old-fashioned provides a ceaselessly retro-tinged aesthetically pleasing look to it.


Bathtime MobilityEternally Stylish Bathroom Trends That Beat The Test Of Time