A Guide To Accessible Baths and Showers

by Bathtime Mobility on April 25, 2014 Comments Off on A Guide To Accessible Baths and Showers

Disability need not mean the end of independent bathing. There are a huge variety of different accessible baths and showers designed for ease of use and comfort while protecting the safety and dignity of the user. Here’s all you need to know about accessible baths and showers so you can continue bathing with confidence.


What Do I Need To Know About Accessible Baths?

If you suffer from mobility problems, walk in baths represent a brilliant alternative to a traditional bath tub. Included in almost all accessible baths are integrated seats to aid with your balance and create a comfortable bathing environment. Most walk in baths also include a thermostatic mixing tap, to control the water temperature, to avoid scalding as it fills the tub.

Accessible baths come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit your bathing needs. Some are perfect for slotting in a corner of a bathroom to maximise space, whereas others can be placed like traditional baths. At Bathtime Mobility, we carry a range of baths so you can be confident to find an accessible solution that suits your budget or bathroom.

If you feel you may need a little more assistance getting in and out of the bath, then bath lifts are available too. Bath lifts are designed to aid the bathing process by lifting those with mobility needs in and out the bath. Some even include harnesses to ensure full physical support so you’ll be free to bathe with reassurance.

What About Accessible Showers?

If an accessible bath proves impractical, perhaps due to size restrictions or if you just prefer showering, then walk in showers make a brilliant alternative.

A low level access shower tray provides you with an easy point of entry for your shower if you have mobility needs or require a wheelchair. These are designed in tandem with specially engineered shower cubicles for increased accessibility. Shower seats can be added for extra comfort and, non slip flooring is a handy way of making your accessible shower even safer.

Another option to consider is a walk in wet room. Although these tend to be a little more expensive, they offer you a greater deal of independence when bathing. A walk in wet room works by creating an open space in your bathroom in which to bathe. This means that they are usually more accessible for the disabled, making bathing a little easier.

What Else Should I Consider When Purchasing An Accessible Bath Or Shower?

Safety and comfort are the most important things to consider if you feel you could benefit from an accessible bath or shower. A number of accessories are available to improve safety in the bathroom including:

  • Non-slip flooring – Helping to make  sure you avoid any nasty slips or falls that could occur during bathing
  • Safety rails – If you feel you could use a little extra aid when getting in and out of the bath, but want to avoid bath lifts, then safety rails can be installed near the bath or shower to support you.

For help and advice on the best accessible baths and showers to meet your needs, talk to the experts at Bathtime Mobility today. Call 0800 29 22 110 for more detials.

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